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Set between the two great cities of London and Oxford, High Wycombe is in a great location, and the town itself does a good job of measuring up to its neighbours. Home to famous comedian and television presenter James Corden, the town is a popular market town and once had a reputation as the centre of the furniture industry. One of the most unique things about Wycombe is the annual tradition of the weighing of the mayor. Each year, the mayor is weighed at the start and end of their service, to see if they have gained weight. Whilst their weight is not revealed, the towncrier does announce whether or not they have gained weight, in a tradition dating back to 1678. As you now know, the town of High Wycombe is a great place to live, and is rich in culture, history and nature. For these reasons, it's quite possible that you may have a friend, relative or loved one visiting, working or living in High Wycombe, so make the most of FloraQueen's international flower delivery service and send flowers to High Wycombe today and you'll be sure to put a beaming smile on their face!

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