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La Marsa is a coastal town in northeastern Tunisia, which has recently become a popular tourist destination for wealthy nationals as well as many Europeans. This small city also boasts an interesting history, as it was ruled by the Carthaginians until their empire collapsed and was occupied by Roman forces. Following the Punic Wars, La Marsa was continually inhabited and represented a vital trading port for Rome and the Mediterranean shipping lanes.

Thanks to its idyllic location on the shores of the warm Mediterranean, La Marsa has grown quite appealing to wealthy tourists. This is due in no small part to its rather recent connections to national railway lines. Cruise ships also dock nearby, further boosting the industry. Though the beaches are quite picturesque, it is worth noting that many of the summer homes are actually located kilometres from the shore, apparently on account of the oppressive summer heat and humidity. While La Marsa may not be as popular as other Mediterranean cities, many believe that it will soon become an attractive tourist hotspot.

If a friend or loved one is visiting or living there, flower delivery to La Marsa is an ideal surprise, a heartfelt gift or simply a way to remind someone that they are not forgotten.

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