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The Cultural Capital of Ukraine since 2009, Lviv, also known as the "City of Lions", is a city of festivals with more than one hundred held every year. This is all the more surprising considering that the entry of foreigners in this small town was prohibited less than two decades ago. Having developed from a small settlement along the Poltva River in the 5th century AD, it gradually grew until it became a fortified town known as L’viv in the 13th century. It was a vassal state of the former Kingdom of Kiev, its capital from 1272 to 1340, and an archbishop’s seat in 1412.

With an official history spanning across 750 years, the city holds buildings and vestiges of assorted architecture, and could be compared to an open-air museum given the fusion of architectural trends from Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe. Lviv holds the "Leo Flower" Festival of Street Flower Arrangements, where shoes are turned into flower pots in the hope that the locals will let their imagination run wild and possibly inspire designers and artists in the jury, and would definitely inspire you to send flowers online.

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