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Mariupol is the tenth-largest city in Ukraine (by population) and is located on the shores of the Sea of Asov in southeastern portion of the country. The history of this location is quite interesting as it was originally a fortification constructed by the Cossacks. Immediately following the beginning of the twentieth century, Mariupol was one of the most highly industrialised areas in the Baltic region. It focused heavily on metallurgy, engineering and the shipment of grains from its port.

Much of the city centre and surrounding suburban districts have retained the architecture that was present before the Russian Revolution. This is in direct contrast to many other cities that were significantly modified after communist takeover. Mariupol is also famous for its quaint buildings and rather narrow streets. A striking example of this (and a major tourist attraction) can be seen in a structure that is simply known as "The House with a Spike". In the last twenty years, numerous green spaces and open-air parks have added a sense of freshness to the city.

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