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Venezuela is an exquisite tropical wonderland adorned with breathtaking natural beauty: it boasts a sun-kissed Caribbean coastline that stretches further than in any other territory, exotic islands, the Andes, the Tepuis mountains, the Amazon rainforest, the “llanos” open plains, the great Lake Maracaibo, and the Angel Falls, the highest waterfall on the planet that falls around a thousand meters from a tepui (table-top mountain) in Canaima National Park. When it comes to historic and cultural interests, most tourists head to the capital, Caracas. Here you will find spectacular architecture, crafts, museums, art galleries, enticing restaurants, open-air cafés and nightclubs with wonderful Latin music, jam-packed with people dancing to the rhythm of salsa.

Another port of call is Barcelona, a fun and highly urbanised city with an interesting fusion of old and new architecture. The Bolívar and Boyacá plazas are magnets for all who love historic architecture and mouth-watering Latin-American cuisine.

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