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Caracas is the Venezuelan capital and one of the largest cities in South America. It is also a city located at a high altitude, some areas situated nearly nine hundred metres above sea level. The total population of the urban centre and the outlying suburbs is estimated to be in the region of five million inhabitants. When it was founded more than 400 years ago, Caracas was originally an important trading hub for the Spanish Empire, particularly cocoa and coffee. Since then, the economy has shifted to an infrastructure mainly revolving around the service industry. However, modernisation has ushered in a reliance on banking, information technology and the retail industry. In turn, this has raised the standard of living (and the cost of living) for its inhabitants.

Major tourist attractions include the iconic Millennium Mall, the Federal Capitol building with its golden domes and neoclassical pediments, the paradisiacal East Park and a bustling restaurant district known as Las Mercedes. Caracas is also home to a number of reputable universities as well as professional baseball and football teams.

Flower delivery to Caracas is the perfect gift idea to reflect the city’s vibrancy and brighten up a friend or loved one’s day, whatever the occasion.

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