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Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam that is home to more than 2.6 million residents. From the 9th century until the early 1800s, Hanoi was also the most important political centre until the city of Hue gained prominence. The history of Hanoi is quite varied, as it was under Chinese rule for the better part of one thousand years. This turbulence (and diversity) was further enhanced during the Vietnam War when Hanoi was the capital of North Vietnam.

Modern Hanoi is much different than only a few decades ago. Currently, this city attracts millions of westerners each year and many have dubbed it the "jewel" of Eastern Asia. Industrial production has increased rapidly alongside a burgeoning tourist sector. Furthermore, Hanoi is a powerhouse of trade; having established permanent ties with one hundred and sixty-one different countries. There are numerous landmarks that bear witness to ancient roots within a modern urban centre. Some of the most frequently recognised are the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, the National Museum of Fine Art, Long Biên Bridge and the ascending Hanoi skyline.

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