I'm Sorry Flowers

For those times in life when you get it wrong and an apology is called for. FloraQueen’s wonderful range of “I’m sorry” flowers will help make it right again!

I'm Sorry Flowers

Life is hard at times, we all know that. And, much as we’d like to be perfect human beings, sometimes we just get it wrong. The wrong word at the wrong time, we forget things and unintentionally we hurt those closest to us. But FloraQueen can help you make it right again!

And we’ve all wanted to try to make it right again. Flowers are a wonderful way of saying "I’m sorry". There’s a certain elegance and class behind flowers, they let the person you’re sending them to know you’re thinking of them, and our "I’m sorry" flowers are perfect for just that moment when an apology is called for.

Whatever the mistake you’ve made, they go some or all of the way to mending fences, repairing bridges and putting things back on track once again.

Our international flower delivery service means that, wherever the ‘wronged’ person lives, you can cut that distance right down to zero. Fresh flowers which will last long after the apology is accepted. At FloraQueen we help you say you’re sorry.