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Send Flowers To Say Sorry

We’re all human and we all make mistakes sometimes. Make peace and ask for forgiveness with a quality bouquet of flowers to say sorry.

Life is hard at times, we all know that. And, much as we’d like to be perfect human beings, sometimes we just get it wrong. Sometimes it’s saying the wrong word at the wrong time, or we forget things and unintentionally hurt those closest to us. Luckily flowers are a great way to set things right and improve your chances of being forgiven.

What are the best flowers to make a sincere apology

Flowers are a wonderful way of saying "I’m sorry". There’s a certain elegance and class behind flowers, they let the person you’re sending them to know you’re thinking of them, and our send “I’m sorry" flowers are perfect for just that moment when an apology is called for.

Some of the best flowers you can send to say sorry are:

When it comes to choosing the right colour for your apology gift in the language of flowers, white flowers are an ideal way to express your sincerest wishes.

Send "I’m sorry" flowers anywhere in the world

Even if you’re far away from the person you want to offer your apologies to your bouquet can reach them. Thanks to our international flower delivery service to over 100 countries around the globe, distance doesn’t have to be an obstacle to a good apology with flowers. We work with experienced local florists from around the world, who will prepare your apology gift with the freshest flowers so that it looks amazing when it arrives to work its magic.

All you need to do to make an international flower delivery of flowers to say sorry is choose the bouquet that suits your apology best, tell us when and where you want to send your flowers and in a few clicks you’re all done. Don’t forget you can also sweeten your gift further by adding additional surprises like chocolates, teddies and greetings cards to tune your conciliatory message perfectly to your recipient.

Whatever the mistake you’ve made, fresh flowers go some or all of the way to mending fences, building bridges and putting things back on track once again.