Sunflower Bouquets Delivery
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Sunflower Bouquets Delivery

Send Sunflower Bouquets

Bright like the sun and full of joy and vibrant energy, sending a sunflower bouquet is one of the best ways to send a summer greeting to those you love. Send beautiful sunflower arrangements with FloraQueen now to over 100 countries with our international flower delivery service.

Why to send sunflowers?

Sunflowers are an ideal flower for summer. Connoting happiness, joy, longevity, health and friendship they are an ideal gift to send a surprise to someone you love. Not only that but our bouquets paired with other classic flowers like roses, carnations, lilies and gerberas are sure to be the cause for a smile, whatever the celebration.

When to send sunflowers bouquets?

Bright yellow sunflowers are the perfect surprise to send a good friend on a birthday or to wish a couple well with on their wedding day, with their jubilant, ray-like disc florals. With their reputation for encouraging health, luck and longevity, they also make a perfect gift for a loved one embarking on a new challenge in their career and to wish someone a speedy recovery after an illness. The summer months are the perfect time to send some sunshine to someone's home. Being said to represent adoration, loyalty and longevity, but being best known for their connotations of happiness and the delight of summer a bouquet of sunflowers is a truly versatile gift to share.

What makes sunflowers so amazing?

The sunflower is believed to have been around for over 3,000 years, Originating from the Americas, the flowers soon spread once discovered and are now popular throughout the world thanks to the joyful and summery appearance that they bring with them. Sunflowers can reach a height of over 9m when grown, which is equivalent to more than 2 double-decker buses but fortunately, our sunflowers are a more manageable height.

How will FloraQueen deliver your sunflower bouquet?

We deliver flowers to over 100 countries around the globe through our international flower delivery service, made possible with the help of our network of local florists and our bouquet creation centres dotted across Europe. Sending sunflowers only takes a few clicks. You just need to tell us which bouquet you want to surprise with and the location and time of delivery. We’ll then take care of the rest. Depending on the location you're sending to, we will prepare your delivery in one of our bouquet creation centres and then ship it in our distinctive box by courier. Alternatively, we’ll entrust your order to one of our expert local florists who will ensure that your order is delivered on time using the best quality flowers. We can also send many orders via same-day and next-day delivery if your surprise is a last minute one.