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Supporting our loved ones during difficult times is one of the most beautiful things we can do. Being human means experiencing life’s ups and downs; these times allow us to appreciate the good moments and find strength during life’s hard parts. When faced with delicate situations we can respond from our innate human capacity of love, respect and care, something that makes us truly unique.

At FloraQueen, we’re here to help you in these difficult times doing what we do best: sending flowers. You can find our exclusive selection of freshly cut flowers, plants and funeral arrangements, designed and put together with huge doses of care and our best wishes.

What can you find in our Sympathy category?

Our Sympathy products include delicate bouquets of fresh flowers, in addition to the highest quality plants and funeral arrangements. We help you choose from our wide variety of options to suit all situations, ensuring you always find the best way to express your feelings and emotions.

Our lilies stand out among our fresh flowers, thanks to their delicate petals associated with the purest and most sincere sentiments, representing the passing of time, and love and admiration. Their light is combined with the undeniable beauty of the rose, an elegant flower that comes in a variety of intense shades. Did you know that yellow roses represent light and hope? Last but not least, we couldn’t forget the silky petals of the gerbera in shades of white and orange, symbols of calmness, honestly and commitment to our objective in life.

You’ll also find plants that we’ve grown to optimum levels of quality and beauty. Discover the Peace Lily, an impressive tropical plant with a yellow stem atop which sits a curved white flower. This bloom symbolises longevity, rebirth and virtue. Let the stylish, modest orchid surprise you with its tall stem and flower with a subtle game of contrasts, reflecting a heart filled with light and a life based on good actions. The curious Dendrobium, in turn, is associated with the capacity to boost positive energy and express respect and humility.

Finally, funeral flowers are a way to send our condolences. Our carefully designed arrangements of blooms represent love and respect. They are available in a range of forms and sizes, including vertical bouquets and arrangements in rectangular and circular shapes. We use only the best freshly cut stems, such as lisianthus, a small wild flower that adds a touch of grace and gratitude to any bouquet. Chrysanthemums in a range of colours emanate positive emotions, while red carnations encourage us to open our heart and give empathy.

At FloraQueen, we’re here to support you during difficult times. Let us take care of the flowers so you can dedicate all your time and attention to what truly matters: supporting your loved ones unconditionally. We’ll take care of everything and will deliver your order to the address of your choice, with 24-hour delivery in Spain and to more than 100 countries around the world.