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Welcome spring with our tulip bouquets

You can always feel spring in the air when you have tulip bouquets around a home. FloraQueen can you share that feeling by sending tulips all around the globe to surprise those you love. Impress with beautiful fresh tulip arrangements anywhere and anytime you want to make someone smile with the freshest flowers. Who do you know that would love a fresh tulip bouquet to add a little “spring” to their step?

Why tulips are the perfect spring flower

Known as the “Harbingers of Spring” since antiquity, tulips symbolically signal the end of winter. Coming in many beautiful colours they bring with them a feeling of fresh optimism, rebirth and warmth that the season usually inspires. You always know when tulips appear that summer isn’t too far away.

When tulips make the best gifts

A fresh tulip bouquet will bring smiles to a lot of different occasions. They are among the best flowers to choose for a spring birthday or wedding celebration. However, with their most common meaning being that of “a perfect love” they are ideal blooms to give on an anniversary or to make any day more romantic. In short, they are one of the best seasonal alternatives to fresh roses.

How to send a tulip arrangement with FloraQueen

FloraQueen can help you make the perfect fresh tulip flower delivery in over 100 countries. Setting up your order only takes a handful of clicks. When you want to surprise someone with tulips all you need to do is:

  • Pick the tulip bouquet that will fill your loved one’s day with smiles - Will you impress with pink tulips, purple tulips or a mixture of colours in your arrangement?
  • Choose your delivery date - You can schedule orders up to 3 months in advance!
  • Tell us where you want to surprise - We can send your flowers around the world
  • Write an optional message - It’s free so you can impress with tulips and words
  • You can also add something extra to your order with our selection of chocolates, teddies and cards

Once your order is confirmed, we’ll take care of the rest. We work with expert local florists in flower shops all over the world so you can always share a professionally hand-crafted bouquet.