How to Be Romantic: Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship

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What comes to mind when you picture a romantic gesture? Is it an extravagant public display of love or a perfectly orchestrated series of events? Being romantic can certainly involve grand gestures such as these and similar ones that are often depicted so well in romantic comedies and chick-flicks. Not everyone is romantically inclined, however, so before you give up hope completely, there are simple things you can try. Even the ordinary days and mundane activities can be spiced up with small acts of love. If you want to find out more about how to be romantic, keep reading.

In this article, we are going to give some simple suggestions for being more romantic:

* Know your partner

* Be spontaneous

* Use surprises

* Give gifts

* Be you, and have fun

Know Your Partner

Being romantic starts with knowing your partner and knowing yourself. What counts as a romantic gesture to one person may not necessarily appeal to the next. If you feel you could be a little more romantic or that your relationship could do with some spicing up, that’s not a bad place to be. It means that you are committed to making changes that your partner is going to appreciate and that are going to stoke the fire of your relationship.

If you are going to plan something big as a way to be more romantic, use the knowledge you have of your partner’s likes and dislikes to help you decide what to do. Some people like simplicity, while others like things that are big and bold. We don’t all subscribe to one rule book when it comes to how to be romantic. Because we all have different love languages, what might seem like something small and insignificant could end up being the thing that warms your partner’s heart the most.

Be Spontaneous

There’s a place for planning and details, but many times spontaneity can be very romantic. When was the last thing you spoke your mind or made a suggestion about a fun thing to do without panel-beating it and making sure it was perfect first? Some spontaneous things you could do include a walk in the park, a much-needed back rub, offering to cook when it wasn’t your turn, calling your partner to tell them you love and appreciate them, or breakfast in bed. It could even be as simple as playing your song and asking your partner for a dance unexpectedly or some random PDA. Being spontaneous adds excitement to life and is a great way to be more romantic.

Use Surprises

Surprises, like spontaneous acts, are a great way to bring in that excitement and unpredictability back into your relationship. We must give a word of caution here because not everyone loves surprises the same way. For some people and at certain times, surprises such as an impromptu trip or evening plan can throw them off their well-laid-out schedules and actually interrupt their plans. The bigger the surprise you are planning, the more you have to be in tune with how your partner might react.

For some ideas of surprises you could use to be more romantic, here’s a short list:

* Give your partner an unexpected gift. We discuss gift-giving a little more in the next section.

* Give your partner a handwritten love note. You can express some specific things you love about them, and leave the letter somewhere they are sure to find it later in the day.

* Cook or bake your partner’s favorite food and treats.

* Do something out of character for you, such as declaring your love in public. Try not to embarrass your partner too much.

* If your partner is studying or working late, show up to keep them company or take them out for a meal or short break.

* Get tickets to a show you know your partner has been dying to see.

Give Gifts

What better way is there to be thoughtful and romantic than with an unexpected gift? For many of us, gifts are reserved for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. Gift-giving is a way to express love and should not be limited to these calendar dates. There’s nothing as sweet as receiving a gift just for the sake of it because your partner was thinking of you on an ordinary day.

There are lots of different gifts you can give from chocolate to wine to a spa hamper. Flowers also make a great romantic gift, and you can have these delivered to your partner’s office or home. FloraQueen runs a professional flower delivery service, with partnerships and delivery services in over 100 countries around the world. If you are looking for the perfect bouquet to send to your love, have a look at the most popular arrangements on our online catalog. We also stock cards and add-on gifts and have a same-day service for rush orders.

Be You, and Have Fun

Even if you aren’t the most romantic person on the block, there are small things that you can do to keep your love and romance alive. The most important thing is to be yourself and have fun with whatever you decide to do. Your partner loves you the way you are, but if you have identified the area of being romantic as something you need to work on a little, then start off with some of the simple suggestions we have provided here. Showing someone you love them and that you care shouldn’t be a checklist or a chore, so try and make it as fun and personal as possible.

If you need to work on how to be romantic, you’re in the right place. By incorporating some spontaneity, surprises, and gift-giving into what could be an ordinary day, you can cultivate a more adventurous and romantic relationship. Knowing what makes your partner tick can help you decide how to go about it. It may take a bit of thought and work at first, but the more you practice and the less you overthink, the better you are going to get.

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