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Valentine’s Day gifts

Original gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day gifts are our partner’s way to express their love. The day of the lovers is coming up and we are looking for the best Valentine’s Day gifts. Congratulations! Here you will find yours! Discover them in our special 2016 Valentine’s Day range.\n

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Original gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, also known as the day of the lovers, is celebrated every year on February 14th. This day, every couple celebrate the fullness of their love. Sending a gift on Valentine’s day is a longstanding tradition. At FloraQueen we have a wide range of gifts for Valentine’s Day 2016. Romantic, sweet, special…different gifts so you can celebrate better Valentine’s Day with the person you love the most.

Couples and love have a date on 14th February and we’re sure you want to make this the most special day of the year, When Valentine’s Day arrives, people in love look for that perfect gift that communicates all that we feel for the person with whom we are deeply in love. However, more than that, we want our Valentine’s Day gift delivery to be original and unique. Something that will never be forgotten by our girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. You are, without a doubt, in the perfect place to find the best gift for Valentine’s Day. Also, by sending your gift for home delivery, your gift will be presented in a lovely gift-box that you can pair with a personalized card.

Valentine’s Day 2016 at FloraQueen

Many think that Valentine’s Day has also been celebrated in more recent years and came about as part of a commercial industry, but in fact, its origins date back to the Roman Empire. St Valentine was a priest who secretly celebrated the marriage of young lovers, forbidden at the time. This rebellious act saw St Valentine jailed and then executed on the 14th February. For this reason, this date was adopted as the international day of love, the perfect moment surprise your partner a gift delivery for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day gifts are something that all couples expect. But if you also manage to be a little out of the box and surprise your partner with something they would have never expected, you will be sure to succeed in your endeavor to surprise them. With the Valentine’s Day flower delivery that FloraQueen offers, you won’t leave your other half feeling disappointed. And if you want to add more to your gift you can add chocolates or champagne, or a personalized card in which you express to your girl or guy about how you've felt since you got together.