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La Paz is the capital of Bolivia and the third largest city in the country. Literally translated as "Peace", La Paz was initially established in 1548 by Spanish rulers. Owing to its location near the Choqueyapu River, La Paz was a significant strategic city. This allowed for increased trade throughout the region, and it was not long before the city had become a major thoroughfare for the exchange of foodstuffs, precious metals and even human labour.

La Paz is considered to be the most important cultural centre in Bolivia. As such, there are a great many museums and historic sites that visitors can enjoy. Some of the most popular attractions include the Museo Costumbrista, the National Museum of Archaeology and the Metropolitan Cathedral. In modern times, the economy of La Paz revolves around agricultural products, manufacturing, food and the exportation of tobacco. Thanks to numerous urban renewal projects during the 1980s and 1990s, La Paz is now regarded as one of the most attractive cities to call home in all of Bolivia.

Professional flower delivery to La Paz will reflect the colourful history of the city itself. Indeed, such a bespoke gift idea is perfect for any occasion imaginable.

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