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Santa Cruz de la Sierra finds reasons to celebrate life and its Carnival, being the most renowned festival in Eastern Bolivia, is a good proof of it. The city’s population takes to the streets in fancy dress and dance the night away to wild music stopping only to refuel with fine local food and drink. The city is also filled with bustling outdoor markets where the same party atmosphere prevails. For visitors it is the perfect opportunity to purchase the precious and semi-precious stones that originate here and to try some of the local cuisine.

Visitors who wish to catch their breath after a night of festivities will have a good chance to do so at the botanical gardens, or the butterfly sanctuary at Biocentro Güembe. Both have lush tropical gardens filled with the indigenous flora of Bolivia. Hiking in the rainforest will also bring an awareness of the city’s efforts to protect the natural environment despite the ravages of deforestation suffered. Efforts by the Parque Nacional Amborò have, in fact, provided protection for more species of birds than any other place in the world.

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