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Klaipeda is a large city in Lithuania that sits upon the banks of the Danė River. The history of this city is quite eclectic and varied due to the important role that it has always played in regards to shipping and trade. Klaipeda was controlled at one time or another by the Prussians, the Teutonic Knights, the German Empire (prior to the First World War) and the Soviet state. During the latter half of the 1990s, the population actually shrank to just over one hundred and fifty thousand residents.

Although Klaipeda has experienced economic prosperity in recent times, much of the contemporary attractions found here are in the form of ancient buildings that are hundreds of years old. These include the 13th century Klaipeda Castle, an Iron Age settlement on the banks of the Danė River and the Fort Wilhelm maritime museum (named after Kaiser Wilhelm II; an indication of the Germanic influence). Several popular seaside resorts such as Nida and the Curonian Spit are found quite close to the city and have served as international tourist havens.

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