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The city of Ica, in southern Peru, has a population of over 200,000 inhabitants according to a 2005 census. Although the area was home to countless indigenous peoples for thousands of years, it was not until 1563 when Spanish conquistadors founded what would eventually become Ica. Due to a warm climate for most of the year, Ica has been valued for its agricultural production for centuries. Some of the most important crops include cotton, grapes (for wine) and olives.

There are a few interesting facts worth noting as regards Ica. A type of alcoholic beverage known as Pisco brandy is manufactured here. A number of mummies have been unearthed in more modern times; their elongated skulls have gained international attention. While some of this region is desert, a popular tourist attraction is a nearby oasis called Huacachina. Thanks to its natural beauty and a relatively unspoilt ecosystem, Ica is frequented by a large number of naturalists and anthropologists every year. A stable agricultural market nigh on ensures that Ica’s economy will remain intact.

Though the city may appear to be rather remote, flower delivery to Ica is indeed possible thanks to modern shipping methods. Flowers are an outstanding gift idea for anyone visiting or living in such a unique city.

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