Lima is the capital of Peru that enjoys breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Although founded by Spanish conquistador Fransisco Pizarro in 1535, the actual location was inhabited by local tribes for centuries earlier. With continued Spanish habitation, Lima became famous as a centre of international trade and was one of the most commercially active cities in South America. Over time, Lima also became an important destination for those seeking a higher education; the oldest university dates as far back as 1551.

In modern times, Lima has seen an influx of capital investment and tourism is now a major industry that accounts for a substantial part of its finance. Still, many of the attractions here can be dated back to colonial times. Some of the most famous sites include the Cathedral of Lima, the ancient city walls, an historic city centre and the Roman-inspired Palace of Justice. Additionally, a number of modern sports arenas can be found within the city and its surrounding suburban districts. Lima is predicted to continue to expand thanks to international tourism and capital interests.

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