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Flower Delivery to Jeju.

Jeju is a busy, modern city in South Korea. Its origins date back to prehistoric times, although it wasn't until the 1970s that the current boom that has turned it into a major transport route and tourist destination began.

The Sinjeju quarter is where most visitors stay, and offers comfortable hotels and lovely restaurants offering the best of local and international cuisine. Many visitors use the city as a base from which to explore the rest of the island. And the island offers a number of interesting sights. One of the most fascinating is the Samseonghyeol, three holes in the ground that, legend has it, were where three local demigods lived. Hallasan National Park is a magnificent natural park, with verdant green hills, lush vegetation and myriad routes for trekking. And nature is also on show, although in a slightly less wild context, in the world's largest botanical gardens, at Bunjae Artpia.

And if you get inspired by the flowers there, how about the gift of a flower delivery to Jeju? A bouquet of fresh flowers is the best way to keep in touch with your nearest and dearest.

Spread Joy and Send Flowers to Jeju with Flower Delivery to South Korea

The Jeju province is situated on an island off the central coast of South Korea. It is a popular tourist destination as it has ample beach resorts. A significant attraction in Jeju is the volcanic craters and hiking trails. Jeju is considered one of the new seven wonders of nature.

In this post, you can expect to discover:

* The national flower of South Korea
* Popular bouquets to send

Official Flower of South Korea

The gorgeous and timeless rose of Sharon is the official flower of South Korea. In Korean, it is known as the mugunghwa. The flower has a rich history in South Korea, and it is one that is important to their culture.

The rose of Sharon is an important flower in South Korean heritage, as it honors the country's rich history. There are three types of rose of Sharon. The first is Dansim, which has a red or purple center and holds a meaningful truth. The second is Baedal, which is entirely white which tends to represent honesty among the community. Lastly, the Asadal, a white with flower with a dark red center that speaks for itself. Each flower sometimes has a light pink petal fade.

Popular Bouquets in Jeju

When sending friends and family flowers, you can choose to send flowers that are in vases or potted.

The bestselling flowers in Jeju are roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, and callas.

When sending vase arrangements, consider the type of flowers and its color. For a subtle floral arrangement, consider doing a rose and lily mix and choose light colors, such as white, pink, and yellow.

Vase bouquets are an excellent birthday, anniversary, and celebratory gifts. You can enhance bouquets by adding decorative ribbons or bows to the outside of the vase.

If potted plants are the preferred choice, consider orchids or callas. Orchids symbolize elegance and beauty, while the calla symbolizes youth and faith.

Potted plants make great housewarming gifts, as well as great pick-me-ups.

Final Thoughts

Flowers are a wonderful gift for anyone in Jeju. Floral arrangements can express your admiration and support for a friend or family member.

What are the best-selling flowers in Jeju:

  • Ice Cream: Chrysanthemums and Roses
  • Subtle Freshness: Roses and Lilies
  • Peach Flavour: Lilies and Roses
  • In Harmony: Roses and Callas
  • Aurore: Lilies and Roses

Why should I choose FloraQueen for a Jeju flower delivery?

There is a lot of choice of online flower delivery services on the Internet. We offer a flexible service that takes the complexity out of international flower delivery. With a network of expert florists in many countries around the world as well as our centres In Europe, the US and around the world, we are able to offer that rare mix of the best quality flowers with an easy and fast delivery system. If you want more than just flowers we also have an extensive range of gifts and add-ons to make your order even better.

Can I send flowers to Jeju with FloraQueen?

Yes, we do send flowers to Jeju. You can also attach a greeting card to the bouquet!

Can I send the flowers to po box?

Unfortunately not, in this case our agents will ask you to provide a physical address in order to complete your delivery.

How do i order flowers for the funeral?

Make sure to mark the flowers are for the funeral (second step of ordering process). This will help us to manage your order in more efficient way and make sure flowers will arrive as requested. Please also provide us with a telephone number to call and exact date time of ceremony. You can use special requests box for additional information. Special request will be forwarded to the florist and will help to complete your order.

Can i order by telephone or email?

The safest and most efficient way to order is via our website, for this reason we do not accept orders by email or telephone.

Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes, we work directly with local florists in Jeju, just around the corner from the delivery address. We can accept same day delivery almost everywhere. The cut off time for same day delivery does vary for each country and time zone, and you will be advised during the buying process if it is not possible. In this case delivery date will not be available in the calendar.

Do the flowers come with the vase?

A vase is not included in the price unless specified in the product description. If you would like your flowers to be delivered in a vase please make sure to add the product in a second step the buying process.

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