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Flower delivery to Oviedo

History has it that it was two monks who founded Oviedo back in 761. A wander round the architectural marvels of this bustling provincial capital city brings Oviedo's long civil, religious and military history to life.

Among the great buildings Oviedo boasts is the cathedral, dedicated to San Salvador; its Holy Chamber, which dates from the 9th century is a UNESCO World heritage Site. The city also has the remains of the old Jewish Quarter, vestige of the time it was home to a large Jewish population.

Apart from its architecture, Oviedo offers other cultural attractions, such as museums, concert halls and galleries. The city hosts the annual Prince of Asturias Awards, past recipients of which have been many Nobel Prize winners.

As one would expect from any Spanish city, the dining options here are almost endless. The region, Asturias, has its own traditional cuisine, sea-food being a speciality, as is the rich Fabada, a pork-based stew.

The north of Spain is famous for its warm welcome, and if you come away having made new friends, how about making the gift of a flower delivery to Oviedo?

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