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Udon Thani gained prominence in the western world by acting as a major USAF airbase during the Vietnam War. Because of the mutual familiarity this brought about, many of the city’s residents have taken jobs overseas, and in turn, a significant number of expats have chosen to live in Udon Thani. This adds to the diversity of the city’s culture, as well as to its wealth. Residents also enjoy a vibrant nightlife, which perfectly reflects the diverse cultural influences.

Udon Thani has many street vendors who offer Thai foods containing beef, chicken, duck and pork prepared in the traditional way. Alongside these meat-on-the-stick offerings, hotdogs can be found that follow the American tradition. There are also a number of fine Thai restaurants throughout the city that offer extensive menus of uniquely Thai foods. Numerous bars and clubs provide sufficient entertainment to keep visitors happy, and accommodations are comfortable and plentiful. Although Udon Thani does not have many historical sites to explore within city limits, it is sufficiently close to many others that will keep visitors enthralled.

Family and friends who have chosen to live in this city will appreciate a flower delivery to Udon Thani. Your gift will let them know that you are thinking of them.

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