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The Dutch are renowned for their preference of bicycles over other modes of transport and the university city of Groningen has 57 per cent of its residents happily in the saddle. With such a large student presence, the cultural scene in Groningen is rich and diverse and the nightlife is vibrant and plentiful. Dutch citizens know how to enjoy life and are happy to share the experience with visitors. They have been voted as among the happiest people in the world. O

Groningen has evolved from being a Roman camp in 950 A.D. to a major trade centre in the 13th century and today it is committed to becoming the major centre of knowledge in The Netherlands. Its turbulent past is reflected in the many old villages, the old city walls and ancient harbours. Yet, Groningen’s spirit of survival is reflected in the modern architecture of the Groninger Museum and the Euroborg Stadium that is home ground to the local football club. Groningen thrills with both its past and its present and in the memories of its many visitors.

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