Balloon Delivery is a Simple Gift, but Full of Surprise and Beauty

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We always tend to offer beautiful and original gifts to our beloved ones. While sometimes, it is very easy to do, based on the occasion, the mood, or their personality, at other times, we prefer to do something more surprising, original, and extremely beautiful to show them our deep feelings. This can be by offering flowers, writing a poem full of emotion, a story, film, or a video. In this article, we want to introduce you to a new element to your original idea box for gifts: Balloons.

It may seem weird for you at first to think of offering a simple colored balloon as a gift, or even a shaped and designed one because obviously, balloons were fun things to hold during your childhood or as a tool to decorate. However, in the past few years, people started offering their beloved ones balloons for special occasions such as birthdays, celebrations, and even for marriage!

In this article, we will talk about the reason for this mode around balloons, and give you some ideas about the best occasions to offer them with few tips, by following this plan:

* History about balloons

* Why balloons are a very good gift?

* Best occasions to offer balloons

* Some tips to make your balloon gift more astonishing

History about Balloons

They may simple and easy to make, but there is a lot of history behind balloons. At first, all the experiments were about The Montgolfier brothers were the first to make giant gas balloons known today as Montgolfier. During the same year as the Montgolfier brothers, the physicist Jacques Charles built the first balloon inflated with hydrogen that flew over the Tuileries Gardens of Paris on December 1, 1783. Jacques Charles had planned the equipment that still equips balloons today: a net, wicker basket, valve, ballast, and anchor. He also brought different scientific instruments for navigation.

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One interesting fact is the use of the giant gas balloon during the siege of Paris by the Prussian army in 1870. They ensured communications between Paris and the province. Nowadays, balloons are used as decorative tools, always liked by children. People also still ride in these giant gas balloons, and of course, people use balloons as gifts.

Why Balloons are a Very Good Gift

Some may say that offering balloons is simply better than flowers, and for a reason! No other gift can be compared to the beauty of opening a surprise box and finding a big bouquet of balloons, with a big message written in them, floating in the air.

When you decide to offer a bouquet of balloons, you can choose an original and personalized gift that can please the recipient. Whether it is sent through a balloon box or alone, each gift is unique and can amaze the receiver regardless of the occasion. This is the perfect tool to surprise your family, friends, and acquaintances by showing them your affection.

You can choose the box of your choice, accompanied by a card on which a personalized message is written. However, each period and special occasion requires you more effort to personalize your gift better and make the joy last longer!

Best Occasions to Offer Balloons

Whether it is simply to please a person who is very dear to you, or for a special occasion where your balloons can bring magic, offering a bouquet of balloons esspecially assembled with great care by an expert can only be a good thing! Your bouquet of balloons has this incredible power to be able to adapt to your needs, your feelings, and the seasons, but also for all occasions. By changing its color, its design, and its form, you can get astonishing results! In this eventful life, a bouquet of balloons is the right solution if you are looking for something original and beautiful. Maybe for a friend’s wedding, a colleague’s birthday, a family member’s success, or even a special occasion like New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Friendship day. You can add a note or any other sweet gift; no matter what, those little beauty-floating ball of gas are perfectly adapted. <h2>Some Tips to Make Your Balloon Gift Even More Astonishing</h2> Choose another shape – Based on the occasion, give your balloon a special touch of originality. You can use an emoji, a special shape such as a heart or a star, or an interesting draw or form. Choose the right color – While you can simply define the color of your balloon simply based on what you like, you can dig deeper and look for the meanings of the colors to use them better. For example, you can opt for a white color if you want to express new beginnings and purity, or maybe yellow to bring some joy. Add a personalized message – The second most beautiful fact about offering balloons as a gift is their ability to make your message float in the air. Simply imagine the beauty of seeing a strong and lovely message after opening the box, floating in front of your eyes. Your loved ones will surely love it! It is always hard to make the right choice and find the perfect gift! Because the person you want to make happy with your gift is dear to you, you simply want to offer him or her the best present ever and make their special occasion day a unique moment. You can easily find a wide range of special gifts, pseudo-original ones, personalized, handmade, for her, for him, or for a specified occasion. However, none of them can be compared to the beauty of opening a surprise box and finding a big bouquet of balloons, with a big message written in them, floating in the air. Balloons can be subtly added to other special gifts and be a good distraction to surprise your beloved one with a bigger surprise, or a special announcement. They are the perfect masterpiece you can add to embellish your surprises and bring some magic.

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