Flower Color Meanings

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People use and appreciate flowers for many different reasons. While some are used decoratively, others are used for special events. Flowers even make excellent sentimental gifts. While decorative flowers are typically selected for their aesthetic appeal, other contexts have a different story.

Special events and gifts usually have a meaning associated with them. This means that the flowers that make an appearance tend to support said meaning. Humans have associated symbolism with flowers for ages.

For example, zinnias are used as symbols of remembrance. People typically get these flowers to remember friends who have either passed away or moved away. Most of these meanings are specific to the flowers.

What you may not know is that flowers also have general meanings based on their color. This article explores nine flower colors and their associated meanings. The colors being reviewed are:

  • Green
  • Lavender
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • White
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Red


Green is the natural color of most foliage, so seeing green flowers can make for an interesting sight. As far as the color goes, green is typically a symbol of rebirth. This is very fitting, since many plants go through a constant cycle of rebirth and renewal.

The color is also believed to be a representation of good health and youthfulness. These are also qualities that plants can display, once they get the kind of care that they need to thrive. Who knows? Maybe a set of green flowers is just the thing to freshen up your garden.

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Lavender is a unique color, and it looks amazing on flowers. Whenever flowers bloom with a lavender color, it’s hard to peel your eyes away from them. The spiky blooms of lavenders illustrate this perfectly.

The meaning of the color is ascertained by looking at the two colors that influence it. While lavender is nothing more than another purple to some people, pink also has a part to play.

Purple is associated with royalty and elegance, while pink represents femininity and youthfulness. Therefore, lavender is said to be mature femininity with a touch of royalty.


Here is the root color that is responsible for the beauty of lavender. Purple flowers are usually held in high regard because of their “royal” status. The color has been associated with both success and royalty for ages.

While most purple flowers have this meaning, many of them expand on it and even take on brand new meanings. The iris is an example of one such flower. While the royal elegance of an iris is undeniable, it is also used to symbolize trust and friendship.


There is no purple without blue. However, blue flowers are not associated with any royal meaning. This is understandable since blue is not such an intense or strong color. It has a calmer feel than its purple counterpart.

This is the reason that people tend to associate blue with peace and tranquility. Many people have blue flowers around them to promote relaxation. This can even help them to get in the frame of mind needed for restful sleep. This shower of relaxation is usually accompanied by a slow release of any negative feelings.

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So, you’re probably thinking that white is not a color. While that is true, some of the most beautiful flowers that exist are completely or partially white when they are in bloom. White flowers can have many different meanings. It usually boils down to the context that you want to use them in. These flowers can symbolize love, friendship, rebirth, purity, sympathy, and innocence.

This is the reason that white roses are excellent gifts for friends, yet they are a mainstay at weddings. It’s all about the flower that you select and what message you’re trying to get across.


The next color on the list is one of the stronger ones. This is the opposite of blue, where a strong presence is concerned. Orange has all the subtlety of an elephant in an intersection. It’s hard not to notice these flowers from a mile away.

The over the top look that these flowers have is a representation of the way that excitement bubbles over inside you. Zinnias, which were mentioned above, fall into this category. The idea is for you to remember those who are no longer nearby with fondness and enthusiasm.


As stated before, pink generally symbolizes femininity. However, that’s not the extent of the color’s meaning. It can also be used to symbolize youth, happiness, care, and gentleness.

There are many flowers that project these feelings effortlessly. Love can also be expressed with pink. This is the reason that pink roses are used to symbolize romantic feelings like red roses are.

However, the color is more versatile because of its subtlety and other meanings. For example, it’s not uncommon for you to see pink roses make an appearance on Mother’s Day.

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Yellow is the color of the sun, so it’s no surprise that it’s used to symbolize joy and cheer. Sunflowers are some of the biggest indicators of this. The feeling you get from looking at sunflowers is something that needs to be experienced to be understood.

Friendship can also be represented by yellow. Have you ever given your friends flowers before? If not, you may want to consider giving them yellow roses. These symbolize the ties that friends have to each other.


The final color on the list is red. Like orange, red is known to be a very strong color. This is the reason that it is thought to be an indicator of love in the most passionate of forms. The most common roses are the red ones, as they visually depict strong love. Be that as it may, red has other meanings too, such as courage and strong desire.


Though flowers have specific meanings, their colors are also indications of symbolism. This article covered nine colors and their associated meanings.

Consider the meaning of a flower and its color before you buy or gift it. Once these align with the flower’s intended purpose, the result can be beautiful.