Tulip Meaning – Choose The Best Colorful Tulips To Share Your Happiness With Your Loved Ones

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Tulips are the best flowers of all the autumn bulbs. They are characterized by their long solitary stems from 20 to 70 cm in height and their single, double, tapered, or oval flowers of plain or combined colors, from white to black, blue to purple, or yellow to red. There are more than 100 species and more than 5,000 varieties. They can be uniform, but also multicolored, and have superb patterns. The flowers take different shapes. They are sometimes simple and straightforward, but other times double, or with wavy, fringed petals, as in parrot tulips.

The tulip is the national flower of the Netherlands. It is a delicate flower and ideal for all those who wish to impress and surprise their beloved ones. This bulbous flower, rich in color and variety, makes beautiful bouquets for birthdays, Mother‘s Day or to say thank you.

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Tulip Meaning

Tulips are bulbous, solitary-stemmed plants that are particularly popular for garnishing most gardens in late winter and early spring. There are more than 125 species and 1000s of varieties in many different tones and shapes. It can give you an idea of the number of compositions that can be made.

It is considered to be the queen of bulbous flowers and blooms advantageously in gardens, terraces, and balconies. Tulips are an absolute must for a beautiful touch of spring at home. All what you need is beautiful flower bulbs in recognizable patterns and everyone is in a good mood!

Many Varieties 

Tulips offer an incredible array of colors and cover the whole range of tones, from white to yellow, blue, pink, red, and even black. Some varieties also display surprising bright or flame colors. The sublime botanical tulipa schrenkii with red flowers flamed with yellow is a wonder with its six tepals forming a slender corolla.

The parrot tulip is another variety with serrated and twisted petals created in the 1930s. There are no less than 125 species of tulips and 1000s of varieties! Offering tulips is, above all, to surprise your beloved ones by offering vivid and original bouquet. This beautiful and seemingly simple flower is a real pleasure for the eyes and the smell. Also, it decorates a room beautifully and diffuses a delightful fragrance.

The Meaning Of Colors

The red tulip is similar to the red rose as it also reveals a sincere and intense love. All these match with sensuality and pleasure. Thus, slipping this red flower under a woman’s pillow means that you want to spend a night of sensual love with her. Also, the white tulip expresses extreme, sincere, and idealized love. You can offer it to your loved one on any occasion. The pink tulip symbolizes an intense passion. The softness of the pink reflects very well this love so innocent and so fragile.

As for the yellow tulip, it shows concern for the person you love. You are worried about the duration of this love. It can symbolize despair, even fear of an impossible love. The black color expresses suffering from emotional love. The loved one may be far away or dead. You are ready for anything to live the same love again.

The History Of Tulips 

The tulip flower can display a multitude of frames and tones. The bulbous plant was first introduced in the seventh century in Holland and became later a national symbol of the country. The flower is depicted in many paintings, even though the tulip was not originally Dutch. About 400 years ago, the herbalist, Clusius, brought it from Turkey to Holland, where it first developed at the horticultural society in Leiden.

In the 16th century, if you give a tulip as a gift, you would be giving wealth. In those days, the flower was enormously popular. Nowadays, red tulips are synonymous with tumultuous love affairs. And black tulips mean: “My love for you is so great that I could give up everything.

Interesting Facts 

At the beginning of the 17th century, in the Republic of the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands, an enormous craze for bulbs (tulip mania) broke out. Bulbs became a commodity on which to speculate, and they were precious. For the price of a single bulb, you could buy a whole mansion on the quays of Amsterdam at that time.

Tulips originated in Iran, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan. The migrants took the bulbs to Turkey, where the rulers used a tulip on their turbans. When the tulips arrived in the Netherlands at the end of the 16th century, it turns out that there was a lot of interest in these flowers. As the demand for tulips continued to grow, cultivation became more and more professional, especially along the coast of the Netherlands, which was very favorable to this cultivation.

Yellow Tulips 

Yellow tulips are ideal for celebrating a unique and joyful occasion, for example, the birth of a new family member. They represent happiness and joy. Also, they are vibrant flowers and perfect for someone who needs to stimulate their mind or is going through a difficult problem.

Yellow tulips can even represent care. If you want to tell someone that you love them and that you can always be there for them, then this is the ideal flower.

There’s nothing like flowers to bring brightness and cheerfulness to our homes. But there are also different ways to express your love for your loved ones through flowers. Tulips are among the most beautiful and popular flowers that exist in the world. Their beauty makes them the perfect gift to tell someone you love them. However, to do it properly, it is essential to choose the right color with the proper meaning to convey the accurate message.

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