The Meaning of Roses by Number – Part 2

Man carrying giant bouquet of roses

Last time in our feature on the numerology of roses, we went as far as bouquets of 20 roses. Today we go beyond that looking at what the most extravagant and numerous arrangements of these flower favourites say to your lucky recipient.

Starting with:

25 Roses

If you send someone 25 roses then you are basically saying congratulations for something special like a promotion or an engagement. The overriding message is that the sender wishes the recipient happiness in whatever they’re doing.

36 Roses

36 roses simply tells your recipient that you will remember the romantic moments you have spent together.

40 Roses

Unsurprisingly a big bouquet of 40 roses is rose code for: “My love for you is genuine,” and as far as big gestures go it’s pretty certainly going to be crystal clear to the recipient.

50 Roses

Apart from saying that you really go to town on your romantic gestures, 50 roses is usually agreed to mean an unconditional or highly meaningful love.

99 Roses

99 roses simply means that you will love your beau until the day you die.

100 Roses

As if this gesture wasn’t already a sign to say that you are totally devoted to your loved one, 100 roses is also said to mean that your love for your significant other will last for 100 years.

365 Roses

This number of roses is quite self explanatory as a bouquet of this size is a way to say “I love you” on every day of the year (don’t forget the extra rose if it’s a leap year though).

999 Roses

Naturally this enormous number of roses is quite similar to 99 roses’ promise of eternal love, although goes beyond the earthly plain, as this bouquet means that your love will last until the end of time.

1001 Roses

If you are willing to go above and beyond to this extent then congratulations you’ve chosen the right bouquet, as 1001 roses suggests a love that goes further than anything else or to infinity and past that.

Now you might think over 100 roses is impossible. However, as reported in Britain’s Daily Mirror, a deeply in-love man from Tashkent in Uzbekistan sent his lover 1000 roses which was so big it had to be delivered by 4 men on a flatbed lorry and couldn’t actually fit into the lady’s apartment. Of course, despite the logistical difficulties this was also somewhat heavy on his wallet too as it was said to have cost him around £2,400. So while 1000 roses is slightly impractical it’s not impossible. Love finds a way.

Unsurprisingly, that’s where we will stop although naturally there is no theoretically there’s no limit to the number of roses you can send someone in a bouquet, although past 1000 you may have trouble packaging them. What do you think is the perfect number of roses to send someone? Tell us in the comments below.

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