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Flower delivery to Bialystok

Bialystok is one of the largest cities in Poland, with a population of around 300.000 people. It is considered as the main industrial centre of the northeast of Poland. The city owns its name to the Biala River, and it is surrounded by the woods of the Bialowieza Primaeval Forest and the Narwianski Park Narodowy.

Bialystok has a Continental climate, with long winters and warm temperatures during summer. The perfect opportunity to visit the city is during summer and enjoy a relaxed afetrnoon in the parks, which represent the 32% of the city, full of flowers, trees and green spaces.

The perfect gift for special occasions when you have family or friends living in Bialystok, is flower delivery service, choosing a colourful bouquet of flowers inspired on the parks.

Not all architecture had survived World War II, but lots of churches, palaces such as the 17th century Branicki Palace, and museums are open for visiting. Bialystok has lots of performing arts facilities, such as the Puppet Theatre and the Aleksandra Węgierki Drama Theatre.

When walking in the city, there are many interesting things to see, the various monuments, the Market Square with its fountain, the Kosciuszko Square and the many palaces, including Citron’s palace, Nowik’s Palace, Hasbach Palace and the earlier called Branicki Palace.

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