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A Polish metropolis which was once the leading national industrial city, Katowice is now an academic centre with one fourth of its population represented by students and 23 universities and colleges. The city dates back from the 13th century, when one of its quarters was officially mentioned in documents, and its name presumably originates from the term ‘katy’, which refers to traditional huts. After the death of Iosif Stalin, the city was officially named Stalinogrod in 1953, but reverted to its former name in 1956 as the locals rejected the change.

As former capital of the Katowice Voivodeship, Silesian Voivodeship and of Upper Silesia, Katowice is a dominant economic hub for southern Poland, but it is reinventing its image from heavily industrialised city to cultural hotspot. It hosts the Street Art Festival, the Off music festival, the Ars Independent Festival, and the Jazz Art festival, among many others. Nestled within the city is the Katowice Forest Park, a huge forest park with deer, boars and all manner of birds, where the Valley of Three Ponds lies waiting for fishing and camping enthusiasts, and the Zadole and Bolina parks.

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