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The centuries-old city of Poznan plays host to numerous trade fairs, which attracts many visitors and the city knows how to keep them entertained. With a population of more than 600,000 and a large percentage of them being students, the nightlife is plentiful and electric. Restaurants and clubs offer tantalizing tastes of uniquely Polish flavours in food, drinks and partying. For the more cultural visitor Poznan provides alternative theatre productions that take place right on the streets of the city, or on the magical shores of Lake Malta. Impressive museums will keep visitors enthralled by the rich history of the country.

Poland’s moderate climate has induced some rare plants to take root here. The Ostrich Fern and the Siberian Iris are only two stunning examples of the flora that makes up so much of Polish tradition. A visit to a home in Poznan will require a bouquet of flowers for the hostess and many events are considered incomplete without roses, carnations and other exquisite indigenous blooms.

The gift of a flower delivery to Poznan will be welcomed with warmth and an appreciation and understanding of the important things in life.

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