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Gliwice is a city in southern Poland that is located within a region known as the Silesian Highlands. Gliwice currently hosts a population of nearly six million inhabitants, allowing it to be one of the most populous urban districts in the entire country. The city can be traced back to the late middle Ages, and since this time, Gliwice has experienced various rulers including the Prussians, the Russians and the Poles.

The first coke-powered blast furnace was constructed here in 1796; enabling Gliwice to represent the first major industrialised city within the European continent. This progression soon spread to other industries including gasworks, furnaces, sawmills, breweries and a number of large brick factories. These amenities obviously allowed Gliwice to prosper well into the 20th century. Education has also taken a prominent hold here. There are numerous institutions for higher education such as the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Silesian University of Technology. Thus, an influx of younger individuals has been seen entering into this city during the last fifty years. This has enabled modern industries such as information technology and electronics manufacturing to flourish.

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