Flowers of 2018: 5 Flower Trends to Watch Out For

Pink flowers and macaroons

2018 has finally arrived! With 12 months ahead of us we’ve been casting our minds forward to look to the flower trends that we and some others think will be big in the year ahead. What will the flowers of 2018 really be like?

Here are 5 things we expect to see happen in 2018:

1. Peonies are still the queens of wedding bouquets but non traditional styles are breaking through

Wedding Peonies

A new year is a new start but, as ever, some trends reign true as always. For one, Peonies aren’t going anywhere when it comes to wedding bouquets. Their big beautiful petals, sweet pinks, whites and deep reds as well as their expressive rounded buds help a bride to radiate the joy and energy of her wedding day and will remain a popular bouquet choice for someone’s big day. However, while traditional bouquets are set to remain popular, there are going to be a few emerging styles to watch out for in 2018. Most notably, many brides are starting to select more free-form, eclectic bouquets that express a more individual feel, rather than sticking to more conventional arrangements. If you’re feeling creative with flowers for your wedding, then 2018 is going to be your year.

2. Candy inspired colours vs dark dystopian shades

Light pastel flowers and dark red roses

There’s going to be a real clash of light and dark styles in 2018. As if reflecting the world around us, bouquet styles in the coming year look set to get both lighter and darker. This goes for both colour and form. For example, one style that is expected to catch on this year is candy coloured pastel pinks with light fluffy flowers like roses, hydrangeas, carnations and chrysanthemums in bright and soft shades. On the other hand dystopian darker bouquets are also expected to be much more popular making use of brooding maroons, greens and pinks reflecting the juxtaposition of vivacious new life and nature around decay.

3. More personalisation

Bouquet making in florists

One key theme that runs through almost all our trends of 2018 is that more personalisation and customisation is set to become more popular. People love traditional bouquet designs but there is a growing desire for arrangements that have been individually tailored. Expect to see unusual combinations, numbers of specific flowers in arrangements and uses of flowers in the coming 12 months as people start to express their own style with their bouquets.

4. Flower crowns are out, flower jewellery is in!

Wedding flower bracelet

Flower crowns have been a mainstay of fashion and wedding celebrations for at least the last 5 years. However, that’s looking set to change in 2018 as more intricate and varied styles of flower jewellery become more prominent. For example, this could take the form of flower broaches, flower tiaras (rather than crowns) or flower bracelets. This allows people wanting to enjoy the benefits of floral fashion will have a lot more options for customisability (which once again is the recurring trend of the year) and with matching their designs with their style.

5. Chrysanthemums are the pick of the year

Colourful Chrysanthemums

With their versatile range of petals, buds and colours we’re picking Chrysanthemums as our flower favourite for 2018. There’s just so much that you can do with them and they are perfect for brightening someone’s day during a celebration or to cheer them up when they’re feeling under the weather. In a year that is going to be all about flower customisation and personalisation they are most definitely the best choice to express your own unique persona.

So as you can see, a few new ideas look set to take hold in the new year and a few things are going to stay consistent as always. For instance, you can be sure that red roses will still be the favourite flower for Valentine’s Day without fail. Have you enjoyed our flower forecast for 2018? If you think there are any coming trends we missed or you have some predictions of your own, let us know in the comments below.

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