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Flower Delivery To Boston

Can you think of something more thoughtful and romantic than sending a bouquet of flowers to your lover, partner, or whatever you choose to call that special one whom you’re in love with? Flowers are an excellent way to express your feelings, send messages, and make other romantic gestures to your loved ones. Now, the question is, how do you send flowers to a friend or family in Boston? It’s simple when you use FloraQueen, an international online florist.

Are you curious about what FloraQueen is and how to use our services to send flower arrangements to Boston? Then keep reading to be informed about:

  • How to begin and start using FloraQueen's services to send flowers to your darlings in Boston
  • Our standard, special, and same-day deliveries to Boston
  • Why you should send flower arrangements to your lover, friend, or family in Boston
  • How to get your flower arrangements delivered to your family and friends in our special FloraQueen box
  • Sending much more than just flowers… and a lot more.

How to Begin Sending Flowers to Your Recipient in Boston

Sending flowers to your loved ones in Boston has been made easy with FloraQueen. Our platform is easy to use and navigate through; simply use the following procedures to start sending flowers to your lover, friend, or family in Boston right away:

  • Navigate through our list of flowers and pick your favorite
  • Choose the location and select the date you want your order delivered from our calendar
  • Choose one from our classic, premium, and deluxe bouquets of flowers; their sizes are different.
  • Add a gift and a message to personalize the bouquet of flowers
  • Fill in your recipient's address and other necessary information to make delivery easy for our couriers, and then check-out in the following window.

Our Standard, Special, and Same-day Deliveries

We can deliver your flowers to your loved ones in Boston in a fast and effective way; to ensure this, we have two major deliveries, which are the standard and special delivery options. We also provide same-day deliveries. Read about all three below:

Standard Delivery - When you select our standard delivery, your order is prepared at our logistics center and then shipped to your recipient's location in Boston. You are advised to make this order days before the day you want the flowers delivered.

Special Delivery - We have florists in select-locations in Boston, so when you choose our special delivery, your orders are attended to by any of these florists nearest to your recipient's location in Boston.

Our florists in Boston are experienced professionals, so the quality of the flowers they deliver is the same as the ones that come from our logistics centers.

Same-day Delivery

Have you run out of time and need to deliver flowers to a loved one in Boston right away? You don’t have to worry because FloraQueen can deliver your order within 24 hours. However, you need to understand that you must place such a request before 12:00 from Monday to Friday or before 09:00 on Saturdays. Same-day deliveries cannot be made on Sundays; Sundays are our workers’ off-day.

Why You Should Send Flowers to Your Family and Friends in Boston?

Flowers can pass a message to a person in a great and effective way; having understood this, sending a bouquet of flowers to your lover, family, or friend in Boston to say “I love you” or “Happy Anniversary” can make them hold you dearly. Likewise, when you surprise your friends with flower arrangements from FloraQueen during their special moments, they get to realize how much you care about them and can reciprocate such nice gesture when you celebrate you have something to celebrate too.

How to Get Your Flowers Delivered in Our Distinctive FloraQueen Box

It might interest you to know that our flowers come in special boxes that have our logo and name inscribed on them. These boxes are beautiful, and your loved ones should be excited and surprised when they receive their bouquets of flowers in them.

To ensure that your loved ones get their orders in these boxes, make sure that you place your order (especially if you’re opting for our special delivery or even same-day delivery) 48 hours before the day you want the flowers delivered.

Send Much More Than Flowers

At FloraQueen, our services are not limited to sending flowers alone; you can request us to deliver gifts to your loved ones in Boston when they are celebrating one occasion or the other.

You can send a video game to your son or friend who loves games; you can request for us to send a bottle of wine to a friend, and so on.


Do My Flowers Come with Vases?

We don’t send our bouquet of flowers with vases; however, you can request one by specifying so in our special request box. You can find the special request box when filling out your recipient’s information.

Can FloraQueen Deliver Flowers to Hospitals?

Yes, we can. You must note, however, that certain rules laid by the hospital need to be followed, and we may not be able to deliver the flowers at the exact time you want; nonetheless, we can reschedule and deliver another time.

Why Should I Use FloraQueen to Send Flowers to Boston?

FloraQueen is the best international online florist; our products speak for themselves as our customers always sing our praises and keep coming back to send more flowers to Boston.

Is My Recipient’s Information Safe?

We have no other use for the information you provide than to use them to ensure that your order gets to your recipient in Boston without any hiccups whatsoever. Getting your orders to you unruffled and on time is our priority.

Can I Choose When I Want My Flowers Delivered?

Yes, you can choose for your order to be delivered in the morning or afternoon. To do this, simply specify the time you want the flowers delivered in our special request box so that our couriers can take note of it.

When you need to send flowers internationally to Boston, you can count on FloraQueen to send high-quality arrangements to your friends and loved ones.

Shopping for A Flower Delivery in Boston Made Easy

Are you in the market for some fresh cut flowers? Do you know someone who could use some positivity in their life? Maybe they need a pick-me-up after being sick for so long? One way to bring some positivity into their life and cheer them up, is through flowers. Flowers have been known to be a great way to shed some positivity and give calming effects.

Don’t believe us? This article discusses:

* Benefits of flowers
* Why send flowers
* Popular flowers to send

Benefits of Flowers

Thinking of sending flowers to friends and family? Did you know that flowers are more than just a pretty centerpiece?

Here are a few benefits that come from fresh cut flowers.

* Stress buster- One of the reasons we send friends and family flowers when they are down is because flowers have been known to be a stress buster. They can relieve one’s anxiety and boost their moods. Flowers, no matter the type or color, can be a great way to show your support to friends and family who may be feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted.
* Mood enhance- Living in the city can be exhausting, which is why scientists have discovered that sending friends and family flowers can be an excellent mood enhancer. No matter if they are living in a high-rise or on a busy street, fresh-cut flowers can bring them a little bit closer to nature, all from the comforts of their home.
* Strengthen bonds and relationships- From spouses to family and friends, flowers are a great way to strengthen bonds and relationships with those close to us. Whether they are in the same city or a different one, send your friends and family flowers as a means of showing your care and remind them that you are thinking of them.
* Sleep aid - When we are stressed, our sleep can be impacted; however, some flowers can help in promoting sleep. Lavender is one popular flower that promotes sleep. If your recipient struggles with sleep, why not send them a bouquet featuring lavender?
* Improve one’s attractiveness- From red roses to white lilies, these flowers have been known to improve one’s attractiveness to their spouse or partner. When we give someone we care about flowers, it suddenly enhances our attractiveness towards them because flowers are one of the kindest and purest gestures one can do for another person.  

There are plenty of studies and research that support the holistic benefits that come with flowers. Whether you receive them in a vase, or they are meant to be planted in the garden, flowers can boost your mood and immune.

Why Send Flowers

Depending on the floral arrangement one purchases, flowers can get expensive. Some arrangements can go up to over a hundred dollars, while others are a bit more manageable. Not sure when you should splurge or invest in a floral arrangement?  

Here are FloraQueen’s popular reasons for why one should send friends and family flowers all year round!

* Express affection- How can you let someone you know that you care about them? You send them flowers! It can be hard expressing our feelings or knowing what words to say to express how much we care and love them. Still, with flowers from FloraQueen, you can find a floral arrangement that is sure to express your affection for them. From family members to best friend, say it with our flowers.
* Birthday- Sure, wrapped gifts are lovely, but what can be better than presents? Flowers, especially fresh cut flowers that are bright in colors. No matter how old the birthday recipient is, you can send them a floral arrangement of bright, fresh-cut flowers. Do you know what their favorite flower is, or maybe color? You can go through FloraQueen’s inventory and pick based on color and flower.
* Anniversary- Celebrate an anniversary with a dozen red roses or carnations. These great flowers are a great way to celebrate a milestone that shows your dedication and admiration towards one another. For some, they may think flowers aren’t enough to celebrate someone who.
* Easter, Christmas, and other National Holidays- No matter the day, flowers can be a great floral choice to bring to a Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter party. With certain flowers only blooming during different seasons, you can get matching flowers. With these holidays, remember you don’t have to send them, you can also keep some for yourself and decorate your home.

Sending flowers can happen anytime; you don’t have to save it strictly for a holiday or occasion. Why not send flowers as a just-because?

Popular Flowers to Send

Not sure what flowers are best to send friends and family? Here are a few popular seasonal flowers that are sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face.

Spring- Popular spring flowers to forget about winter include:

* Rose
* Tulips
* Daffodils
* Orchids
* Violets
* Poppies
* Dahlias

Summer- To accentuate the warmer weather, these flowers make exceptional summer floral bouquets:

* Sunflowers
* Hydrangeas
* Azaleas
* Gladioli
* Lilacs
* Lilies

Fall/Autumn- With many flowers starting to slow in their blooming, popular fall and autumn arrangements include:

* Chrysanthemums
* Queen Anne’s Lace
* Marigolds
* Carnations
* Daisies
* Lilies
* Alstromeria
* Liatris

Winter- Depending on where you are in the world, temperatures can drop to as low as -30 degrees. Send friends and warm family thoughts through these winter flowers:

* Roses
* Amaryllis
* Carnations

No matter the season, there are flowers that are perfect for any recipient and any celebration. Don’t feel limited by the flowers, you can consult with a florist to decide what flowers work well together. If you want to show your creative side, you can create a floral arrangement based on colors or similar flowers.

Food for Your Thoughts

Though we have shared flowers based on season, don’t feel limited by the many combinations you can pick from. Flowers are a great way to brighten someone’s day. No matter where you are in the world, you can send well-wishes, celebrate birthdays, milestones, and more thanks to FloraQueen’s same-day and next day delivery.

Not only can you send flowers, but FloraQueen offers the option for individuals to send bouquets along with cards and personalized vases. Don’t miss or feel left out with FloraQueen’s many floral arrangement deliveries in Boston and other major cities in the world.

What are the best-selling flowers in Boston:

  • Aurore: Lilies and Roses
  • Subtle Freshness: Roses and Lilies
  • Peach Flavour: Lilies and Roses
  • Ice Cream: Chrysanthemums and Roses
  • Pure White: Lilies and Roses

Why should I choose FloraQueen for a {location} flower delivery?

There is a lot of choice of online flower delivery services on the Internet. We offer a flexible service that takes the complexity out of international flower delivery. With a network of expert florists in many countries around the world as well as our centres In Europe, the US and around the world, we are able to offer that rare mix of the best quality flowers with an easy and fast delivery system. If you want more than just flowers we also have an extensive range of gifts and add-ons to make your order even better.

Can I send flowers to {location} with FloraQueen?

Yes, we do send flowers to {location}. You can also attach a greeting card to the bouquet!

Can I send the flowers to po box?

Unfortunately not, in this case our agents will ask you to provide a physical address in order to complete your delivery.

How do i order flowers for the funeral?

Make sure to mark the flowers are for the funeral (second step of ordering process). This will help us to manage your order in more efficient way and make sure flowers will arrive as requested. Please also provide us with a telephone number to call and exact date time of ceremony. You can use special requests box for additional information. Special request will be forwarded to the florist and will help to complete your order.

Can i order by telephone or email?

The safest and most efficient way to order is via our website, for this reason we do not accept orders by email or telephone.

Do you offer same day delivery?

Yes, we work directly with local florists in {location}, just around the corner from the delivery address. We can accept same day delivery almost everywhere. The cut off time for same day delivery does vary for each country and time zone, and you will be advised during the buying process if it is not possible. In this case delivery date will not be available in the calendar.

Do the flowers come with the vase?

A vase is not included in the price unless specified in the product description. If you would like your flowers to be delivered in a vase please make sure to add the product in a second step the buying process.

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