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Send Flowers to Miami

Flower Delivery to Miami: Interesting Uses for the Orange Blossom

The orange blossom is a fragrant flower with a beautiful and unique appearance. Orange trees are found in the central and southern parts of the state of Florida in high numbers. Unlike many fruit tree flowers, which are not widely known or used, orange blossoms stand out for their decorative purposes and a wide range of other uses.

In this article, you can learn more about the orange blossom:

* Occurrence and description
* The Florida state flower
* Uses of the orange blossom

Occurrence and Description

The orange tree, or Citrus sinensis, is grown commercially in many parts of the world as oranges are a very widely consumed fruit. All fruits are produced out of the flowers of a plant. In the case of oranges, before you can have juicy and flavorful fruit, you must first have the characteristic white flowers known as orange blossoms.

Orange blossoms are distinctly fragrant flowers, as you might expect. The citrus flavor of the orange tree is not only contained in the fruits but in the other parts of the plants as well. These flowers are small and white, and they have waxy petals. In each flower, there are five petals and five sepals. There are also between 20 and 25 stamens in the center of each flower. These are arranged in a compact spiral.

Oranges grow during the fall and winter seasons. Consequently, orange blossoms appear on the trees in the springtime. During the spring, you can see the beautiful blooms in clusters of up to six flowers each. Orange blossoms are celebrated every year as June 27th happens to be the National Orange Blossom Day.

The name “orange blossom” has been used in many places. Take, for example, the coast of the province of Castellon in Spain. It gets its touristy and tropical nickname from the orange blossom and is known as Costa del Azahar, which means the orange blossom coast. Another example is the French electronic music band known as Orange Blossom.

The Florida State Flower

The state flower for Florida is the orange blossom. It was selected to be the state symbol by the 1909 legislature. These flowers appear in their millions all across the central and southern parts of the state when it is orange blossom time. The warm Florida air is filled with their lovely perfume, and you can’t miss it. As the state flower, the orange blossom is a great representation of the culture and atmosphere in Florida. The orange blossom has many unique uses, as you are going to discover in the next section.

Uses of the Orange Blossom

Most flowers are celebrated for their ornamental use, and this is also the case with the orange blossom. These blooms have a unique appearance and are very popular white flowers to use in bridal bouquets and head wreaths that people wear at weddings. Interestingly, these flowers are associated with good fortune. Orange blossoms can also be picked and added to your own arrangements to add color as well as fragrance.

The strong and pleasant scent of orange blossoms has not been put to waste, and these blooms are the only state flowers to be used in the commercial production of perfumes. Orange blossom essence is extracted from the flowers and acts as a very important component when making perfumes. The flower’s essential oil adds that fresh, tropical, citrus scent to many colognes and toiletry products.

You can also make your own alternative to rose water by placing some orange blossom petals into some water to make scented water. Like rose water, orange blossom water has many great benefits for the skin and health. This scented water tones up the skin and makes it soft and smooth. This scented water soothes redness and irritation. It also conditions the hair, settles upset stomachs, and relaxes the nerves.

Another essential use of orange blossoms is in the culinary world. In French and Middle Eastern cuisines, these blooms are a very common ingredient. They are quite common ingredients in desserts and other baked goods. In the United States as well, orange blossom water is used to make marshmallows and orange blossom scones.

That’s not all. A flavorful and unique honey, known as orange blossom honey or citrus honey, can also be produced from these flowers. The method involves placing beehives into citrus plantations or groves when it is the blooming season. The bees serve two purposes—to produce the honey and to also pollinated the seeded orange varieties. Orange blossom honey is enjoyed and highly prized because of its distinctive taste. It tastes like oranges.

You can cook with orange blossoms if you want to add a mild citrus flavor to your food. Once you pick the blooms from the tree, you want to use them within 4 hours so that you get the most of the flavor. Many people enjoy adding these flowers to their salads and desserts. If you are going to do this, you should remember to remove the internal parts of the flower or the sepals and stamen.

Orange blossoms are also commonly used to make a delicious herbal tea. In Spain, when the flowers fall, they are collected and dried. From there, people can use these to make tea. Add citrus flavor to tea is soothing and medicinal.

Through the years, many cultures have found novel ways to make use of orange blossom flowers. Some of these practices are rooted in medicine, culture, and tradition. There are places where orange blossoms are considered an aphrodisiac.

The orange blossom is a special Florida flower with so many important uses. It is the state flower and also an important ingredient in perfume-making and cuisine. You can make home remedies and culinary dishes using this widely available flower. If you want to create a floral arrangement, this waxy white flower can add a distinctive local touch. You can also send flowers in Miami for any occasion using FloraQueen’s floral delivery service.

Experience A Top-Notch Flower Delivery in Miami

Known for beaches, tourism, and watersports, Miami is a beautiful city for both citizens and tourists alike. The landscape is filled with lush flora and fauna, making it a beautiful, must-see place. If you live there or know someone who does, you may need to send flowers to someone in the city. There are many florists in the city that are likely able to do this for you. Be sure to do some research first. Find a reputable florist or online retailer that can definitely deliver your floral arrangement on time.

In this article, we discuss:

* Official Flower of Florida
* Delivery Requirements
* Delivery Options
* Types of Flowers

Official Flower of Florida

The official state flower of Florida is the orange blossom. This is entirely fitting considering the number of orange groves that can be found throughout the state. If you are sending someone flowers, try and include an orange blossom or two in the arrangement. Floridians and those who have a personal link to Florida tend to be quite proud of their state, so sending them an orange blossom is a wonderful way to reflect that pride.

If your recipient has a green thumb, you may even consider sending them an orange plant. This way, they can plant the tree in their yard. This is the type of gift that they can enjoy for years to come.

Important Information for Delivery

When you are ordering flowers to be delivered in Miami, there is some critical information you need to know. Firstly, though it may be quite obvious, you need to know the first and last name of the recipient. FloraQueen is going to need to make sure the proper person is receiving the delivery. It is a good idea to make sure you know the correct spelling of their name as well. Some people take misspellings of their names very personally.

Another essential detail is the recipient's full address. This one may be a little trickier. Even with online resources, it may be tough to find out the person's address. This may be exceedingly difficult if you are hoping that the delivery is going to be a surprise. If you can't find it, try asking a close family member for the information.

Finally, the florist may require a phone number. In case they have trouble making the delivery, they are going to need a point of contact. This is a much more straightforward piece of information to get. Not all florists need this but be sure to have it just in case.

A good florist in Miami can offer same-day delivery. This is especially handy for those last-minute purchases. The florist or online retailer is going to allow you to choose from an array of predetermined bouquets. This feature is excellent because it enables the buyer to see exactly what the bouquet is going to look like. The arrangement is going to be made of flowers that the florist has in stock, or at least flowers very similar to the image. This is important because it ensures that the florist can deliver on order.

Reputable floral companies in Miami are also able to offer next day delivery. This is an excellent option for last-minute shoppers, or for that situation where you learn, you need to get a gift and have very little time to pull it together.

Flowers to Include in Bouquets

If you are not familiar with flowers, choosing a bouquet can be overwhelming. You may be wondering what the most appropriate flower is, you may be looking for a specific color, or you may be looking for flowers that have some sort of meaning. A good florist or online retailer can answer all of those questions and more for you. Here is a brief look at a few flowers commonly used in floral bouquets.

Roses are probably the most common flowers to use in a bouquet. Roses are often used to display affection and love to the recipient. However, roses do not necessarily need to be used for only romantic purposes. Different colored roses have different meanings. For example, yellow roses represent friendship. White roses represent sympathy, and the list goes one for all the different colors of roses. Ask your florist for a bit of direction if you are buying flowers for a specific purpose.

Lilies are another popular choice. There are many different varieties of lilies you can choose from. For example, calla lilies are a classic and formal flower that work very well in wedding bouquets. Whereas stargazer or oriental lilies are excellent for just about any occasion.

Alstroemeria is a very popular flower that comes in a variety of colors. Each stem has several blooms. This is excellent for adding flowers to the bouquet without having to spend lots of money. They also happen to be cheaper stems, so they can go far in any bouquet.

Gladiolus is a lovely choice for a tall bouquet. Gladiolus is a very tall flowers that sport blooms all the way up the stem. They are best used in large bouquets or bouquets where you want to make an impact. They, too, are available in many colors.

Hydrangeas are very popular in wedding bouquets. They have enormous faces, so you don't need many blooms to make up one bouquet. This is ideal because they are a little on the expensive side. Hydrangeas are often available in pink, purple, blue, and white. Interestingly, an experienced florist can dye white hydrangeas to make them different colors.

Final Thoughts

Floral arrangements are a classic gift for just about any occasion. Next time you need to give someone in Miami a gift, consider sending them flowers. Ensure you have all of the necessary information to make the delivery a success. Then look for a trusted florist to put the bouquet together for you. A good florist can provide you with many options and suggestions to make sure you get the best bouquet possible.

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