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Flower Delivery to Tulsa: Creating Beautiful Arrangements with the Oklahoma Rose

Roses are some of the most popular flowers the world over. The Oklahoma rose is a beautiful variation and the Oklahoma state flower. You can create some of the most elegant arrangements with this flower, both for your own enjoyment and to gift to someone special. Roses are easy to find and fun to grow, so you should have no trouble sourcing all the flowers you need.

In this article, you can learn more about the Oklahoma rose and how to incorporate it in beautiful floral arrangements:

* Background on the Oklahoma state flower
* Sourcing the Oklahoma rose
* Arrangements with the Oklahoma rose

Background on the Oklahoma State Flower

When you want to create or send a bouquet in Tulsa, there are so many great local choices, including the Oklahoma state flower. Since 2004, the official state flower has been the Oklahoma rose, thanks to the lobbying of more than 180 local gardening clubs. Before then, two other flowers—the Indian Blanket and the mistletoe—were the state’s official wildflowers and floral emblem, respectively.

Oklahoma isn’t the only state that has a rose as its official flower—New York, Iowa, North Dakota, and Georgia also have rose species as their state flowers. The rose is also the official flower of the United States. Interestingly, the official Oklahoma state rock is in the shape of a rose as well as of 1968. The barite rose is one of a few rose rocks, and these appear in a handful of places around the globe.

There are over 150 species of roses, and all of them are unique and gorgeous flowers. The Oklahoma rose is classified as a hybrid tea rose, and it is one of the most fragrant ones. This rose has a gorgeous dark red tone with nearly black velvety outer petals. The fully double blooms have up to 50 petals and make this an eye-catching flower.

The botanical name for the Oklahoma rose is the Rosa odorata. Its other common name is the blush tea scented rose. This rose cultivar was developed at the Oklahoma State University and introduced in 1964. Some have said that its deep red color represents the blood of five Native American tribes that were forced to relocate from the State in the 1800s. Red roses, in their many shades, are associated with love, especially the romantic kind. There is mention of red roses in many old literature pieces and mythology tales.

Sourcing the Oklahoma Rose

Should you want to order roses and other flowers online, you can make use of FloraQueen’s flower delivery in Tulsa. We stock lots of gorgeous bouquets that are ready to display. You can also pick up your Oklahoma roses at a local florist. These flowers are widely available, and they have a peak blooming season in June.

For avid gardeners, the Oklahoma rose is an excellent addition to your garden. In Tulsa and throughout the state of Oklahoma, there are many gardening clubs. The Oklahoma rose is a favorite among them because of its classification as an ‘old rose’ and its delightful strong and sweet scent. The blush tea scented rose grows best in the growing zones 2-11. It prefers well-drained soil and full sun. The rose bush can grow to a height of 4-8 feet and a width of up to 4 feet. The bush can also be trained to grow in tree form, and the plants are resistant to mildew, rust, and black spot.

Arrangements with the Oklahoma Rose

Roses can be found in many colors, including red, pink, white, orange, and yellow. The deep red color makes this flower stand out in any arrangement. If you want to prepare a floral arrangement with this rose, you should choose some complementary colors, which are not going to be drowned out by the dark red color. Oklahoma roses are the perfect cut flower, and there is so much you can do with them.

For a simple, yet elegant arrangement, you can combine these crimson roses with some white roses and some green foliage. This bouquet is great for decorating your dining table or as a gift for someone’s birthday or Valentine’s Day, for example. Adding some white Queen Anne’s lace flowers provides the perfect filler and accenting for this bouquet. You can arrange this into a clear vase and tie the jar with a statement red ribbon.

Alternatively, you can create a bouquet with just Oklahoma roses. As with other red roses, this is the perfect way to say, “I love you.” The dark red color makes it all the more powerful a statement. Another variation is to combine the Oklahoma roses, Queen Anne’s lace, and the green foliage, leaving out the white roses. Gypsophila or baby’s breath is a type of small white flower that grows in bunches. Its graceful appearance and ability to blend in makes it the perfect alternative for Queen Anne’s lace.

Besides white and green, the dark red Oklahoma roses can also be paired with shades of pink. Picture a beautiful arrangement of crimson Oklahoma roses as the largest and standout flowers together with pink and white rose and some greenery to fill the empty spaces. This arrangement is perfect for you love or even for Mother’s Day.

Your bouquet doesn’t have to be limited to roses either. A warm variation of the themes already covered uses white chrysanthemums instead of white roses and pink carnations instead of pink roses. You can really make a statement with this unique combination. Adding a choice vase and some ribbons can also make it even more beautiful. You can even combine Oklahoma roses with some green flowers to make something truly unique. That said, green flowers are not the easiest to find, but there are several varieties.

Roses are versatile flowers that can be combined with other flowers to make some of the best bouquets. The Oklahoma state flower, the Oklahoma rose, is widely available and can be just the statement flower you need for your next bouquet.

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Can I send flowers to Tulsa with FloraQueen?

Yes, we do send flowers to Tulsa. You can also attach a greeting card to the bouquet!

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Do you offer same day delivery?

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