shutterstock 645330832 FloraQueen EN Don’t let winter get you down: 5 flowers to brighten up your Blue Monday

Don’t let winter get you down: 5 flowers to brighten up your Blue Monday

That time of the year has arrived. Those days when the hours crawl by more slowly than ever, the Christmas holidays seem like a distant memory, and your energy ebbs without you even realising it. The dark days pile up, and the cold and rain put you off making any plans other than lounging on […]

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shutterstock 1088000807 FloraQueen EN Romantic Quotes

Romantic Quotes

Always let your sweetheart know how much he/she means to you. Though it may sound cliché, one of the easiest ways to do so is by telling the person. Sometimes, attempting to profess your love can seem a bit cheesy. In fact, it almost never sounds as smooth as it in the movies. Instead of […]

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shutterstock 101572000 FloraQueen EN How to Keep Fresh Cut Roses Alive

How to Keep Fresh Cut Roses Alive

Receiving a gift of roses is one of the most amazing things you can experience. There is no surprise, therefore, that people concern themselves with the preservation of these flowers. In fact, persons try all sorts of crazy ideas to get their roses to last as close to forever as is possible. Like every natural […]

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shutterstock 708171406 FloraQueen EN How to Repot a Plant

How to Repot a Plant

The term “repotting” is a misnomer. Repotting does not necessarily mean changing the pot or planter it is in, but rather, changing the soil or potting mix. There is actually very little soil in a pot. Over time, the plant takes all the nutrients from the soil. Fresh soil or potting mix means a fresh […]

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momentos 4 FloraQueen EN unbreakable mother daughter bond quotes

unbreakable mother daughter bond quotes

The relationship between a mother and her daughter is as unbreakable as it is unique. No matter what gender a child may be, a mother wants what is best for her offspring. However, daughters have the perfect role model to look up to in gender and everything else. A mother is a hero a daughter […]

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shutterstock 642031363 FloraQueen EN Popular Flowers

Popular Flowers

There are thousands of flower species out there. In fact, we don’t even know the exact number of flower species on our planet. That being said, some of these flowers are more popular than others. We want to tell you more about the most popular flowers. You will learn about the following: Amaryllis A bulb […]

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Flower Color Meanings

Flower Color Meanings

You probably know that people give flowers for a number of reasons. They might send them for a birthday, an anniversary. Or, as a congratulations. You can even send them ‘just because.’ What you might not know, though, is that the color of flowers also has symbolic meaning. Whether it is blue, red, yellow, or […]

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shutterstock 140653546 FloraQueen EN Thank you Messages

Thank you Messages

Thank You Messages It can be challenging to write thoughtful notes to people. The more people these notes are intended for, the harder it gets. We decided to give you some help in that regard by creating a simple guide on the subject. Whether you are writing to a single friend or a collection of […]

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iris 784691 1920 FloraQueen EN Iris Flower Meaning and History

Iris Flower Meaning and History

Iris flowers are a popular perennial plant with showy blooms in a range of colors, including blue, purple, white, yellow, and orange. These flowers have six petals, three of which form the upright “standards” while the other three hang down and are known as the “falls”. Irises prefer well-drained soil and full sun, although some […]

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shutterstock 744665218 FloraQueen EN Rose Colors and Meanings

Rose Colors and Meanings

Rose Colors and Meanings Have you ever wondered what the meanings behind various colors of roses are? This guide will clarify those meanings for you, as well as provide you with other interesting rose information. Roses are some of the most evocative and admired flowers. This is not surprising considering they have withstood the test […]

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shutterstock 1053733025 FloraQueen EN How to Dry Flowers

How to Dry Flowers

Sometimes, people are unsure of what to do with the beautiful flowers they receive that are associated with significant memories. What should you do with the flowers you bought for Valentine’s Day after the holiday passes? What about a priceless bridal bouquet, or a beautiful “get-well” flower assortment you received? Whatever the flowers were for, […]

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EURO 2016

The Chelsea Flower Show

Today is the beginning of the most important flower event in the UK, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show! Flower lovers, celelbrities and even royals descend on The Royal Hospital, Chelsea in London to see the best flowers, plants and gardens in the world.

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car flower1 FloraQueen EN Autumn in your garden

Autumn in your garden

With the arrival of autumn, here come the beautiful walks in the parks, mushroom picking in the forests full of colorful trees, and streets carpeted with hundreds of crusty leaves breaking under our feet. Weather instability becomes more common, and while this can damage some plants, many others bloom in splendor with their flowers. The […]

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pedir perdón y flores

Here it comes! 6th July 2013 ♥ World Kiss Day ♥

6 Curious Facts about KISSes: ♥ First International Kissing Day took place on 6th July in the UK a few years ago and now the celebration has been adopted worldwide. ♥ On 12th February 2013, a Thai couple, husband and wife team Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat locked lips and began their quest to break the […]

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iStock 000068192329 Medium 1 FloraQueen EN Mother's day

Mother’s day

Did you know that the first ever celebration to honour mother’s was held in ancient Egypt? They celebrated the goddess Isis, the ideal mother. The Greek and Roman empires also had similar festivities held in honor of Rhea and Cybele, respectively.

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Expressing love

This Valentines let it be a man’s valentine as well!

Let’s be honest, we love flowers. As a matter of fact, everyone likes them and so do men! … Men like flowers too, but it seems that women are the only recipients of flowers especially on Valentine’s Day.

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shutterstock 521308498 FloraQueen EN Do you know which is the most romantic butterfly?

Do you know which is the most romantic butterfly?

The most romantic butterfly is the Monarch Butterfly. The extraordinary thing about it is that shortly after they are born they fly almost 5.000 km. to find the right place to grow and find their perfect couple and It’s the most lasting butterfly of all.

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A Flowery Christmas

The florist is the Christmas specialist, offering flowers, foliage, trees and houseplants to celebrate this magical time of year and that’s why FloraQueen is here to help you choose your Christmas gift.

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Behind the scenes at FloraQueen

FloraQueen has been in the Online Flower Delivery Service for many years and has continued to increase their market share during this time. FloraQueen is here to make people happy, whether you have a date, you wish to thank your mum, surprise someone or celebrate a special date and make the recipient feel very special.

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Fourth of July

Everyone’s celebrating Summer – including us!

It’s officially Summer! This is such a special time of the year. It’s a time to enjoy all of the excitement this season brings. The markets are filled with fresh produce and the flowers are in full bloom. Summer is the perfect time to spread a little more love and happiness to those you care […]

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iStock 39988810 MEDIUM FloraQueen EN A Father’s Day to remember

A Father’s Day to remember

Let’s face it, Dad doesn’t need another tie.

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From Bud to Bouquet

If you like beautiful bouquets, you’d be amazed to see where it all begins. Vast fields of gorgeous, fresh flowers waving and dipping in the wind as far as the eye can see. A bouquet is nice, but the source is truly a sight to behold.

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iStock 000055136948 Medium FloraQueen EN Mom’s Favorite Flowers

Mom’s Favorite Flowers

We wanted to take a moment to chat about one of the most common questions our fans ask on Mother’s Day (or on any holiday, really): What are the right flowers to get? There are some common flower types that are given on Mother’s Day, like carnations, roses, sunflowers, and gerbera daisies, but none of […]

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best plants to decorate home

Plants- Jungle Fever at home

In one of our latest posts, “A Flower garden at home“, we wrote about flowers on furniture and other home accessories.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to know which flower or plant is actually good for which room? When you go plant shopping, keep in mind that not all plants are “inside” plants and more importantly, […]

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