The Top 10 Most Romantic Flowers For Valentine’s Day 2019

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Valentine’s Day is a time of flowers. With so many beautiful emotional bouquets and types of flower to choose from you might not be alone in wondering where to start with Valentine’s flowers. To make things a bit simpler, we’ve collated the top 10 most romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day 2019, so anyone can successfully pick the perfect bouquet for their lover on February 14th.

Let’s see which flowers will do the most impressing for the day of lovers this year?

10) White Lilies

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Pure white lilies offer a dazzling message of sincere love to your bouquet. They are the perfect flowers for an enlightened partner who always knows the right thing to do.

9) Red Gerberas

red gerberas

A controversial choice for some as gerberas are often seen as more appropriate gifts for cheering someone up or for a platonic gesture. However, like most red flowers red gerberas are perfect for adding a touch of passion to a bouquet.

8) White Orchids

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Another stunning white flower that will make a beautiful bouquet seem heavenly. A white orchid is a gift that will show your pure intentions, whilst adding a touch of refinement to your romantic gift. It’s also an ideal flower to gift to someone you’re engaged to as it is often used at weddings.

7) Red Tulips

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Whilst their not quite in season yet, tulips are a wonderful alternative to roses. Red tulips especially are known for expressing strong feelings of love for your partner and are

6) Waxflower

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Whilst it isn’t the main event in a bouquet, we’re making a case for waxflower to be on this list anyway. It is bright, colourful in pink and adds much-needed texture to a bouquet. It really is an unsung hero of many arrangements and we’re finally giving it the time in the spotlight it deserves.

5) Red Lilies

red lilies

Lilies return to our list for the second time. However, we have given red lilies a slightly higher pride of place as they convey a much more passionate message than their white counterparts.

4) White Roses

whtie roses and gypsophila

You probably knew that roses were going to be on this list somewhere and lo and behold here they are. White roses, like other white flowers, are perfect to convey a deeper more spiritual kind of love. They are ideal for a partner who you love with all your heart and soul.

3) Pink Lilies

pink lilies

Yes, that’s right. We’re controversially putting pink lilies above red lilies in our ranking. We feel that while red lilies are stunning we wanted to give more plaudits to the ever amazing pink lily. Whether you enjoy them in a bouquet by themselves or paired with red roses, they are an enchanting surprise for a special lady in your life.

2) Red Alstroemerias

red alstroemerias

Surprise! It’s another red flower, but this time it’s something a little different. The humble alstroemeria (sometimes known as the Peruvian lily) is right up in our top three of perfect Valentine’s flowers for 2019. Why? Because they are bubbly flowers that conjure up feelings of enthusiasm and energy. In red they carry an extra burst of passion and adoration that we feel deserves recognition.

1) Red Roses

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Let’s be honest, it couldn’t be anything other than red roses at number one. Whether it’s a single red rose or a bouquet of 50 each rose adds extra significance to your message.

Will you be giving these flowers on Valentine’s Day or does your beau prefer something a bit more specific? Tell us your choices for the perfect Valentine’s flowers for 2019 in the comments below.

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