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Ordering flowers online for that special someone can be so overwhelming. It can be even more overwhelming when you have to order funeral flower arrangements online. You and your loved ones have just suffered a loss, and so you want to find that perfect floral arrangement. At FloraQueen, we understand it can be hard making that decision. With so many options, what do you pick? What is the right flower

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Finding the Right Funeral Floral Company

When it comes to ordering flowers for a funeral, it is essential to consider the company from which you place your order. One thing to consider when looking at a floral company to service your funeral, or to send flowers with, are the reviews from past customers. Do they have a good reputation? Are they considerate when dealing with this very hard and sensitive matter? The last things you want to have to deal with are difficult couriers and customer service. 

FloraQueen has been an online floral delivery company for the last 10 years and counting. We have experience in sending flowers for funerals and understand that this is not only a hard time but one where you want the flowers to speak for itself. Our floral arrangements can show support, compassion, and sympathy. When finding the right funeral flower arrangement online, pick a company that can provide quality service and flowers, but that can also provide the support you need. 

Picking the Right Funeral Floral Arrangement Online

The type of flower you pick is going to depend on the relationship you have with the person who has passed. Some flowers are much more personal than others; therefore, you don’t want to go with a flower that does not represent your bond or relationship with the deceased if they are someone special. For example, you would not pick the same floral arrangement for a family member that you would a colleague or someone you vaguely know. 

Another factor to consider when picking the right funeral floral arrangement is, where is the floral bouquet going to go? If you are responsible for the funeral arrangements, you may need to consider if your floral order is going to be for an open casket or a closed casket. Typically for funerals with open caskets, you would purchase a large floral arrangement, whereas, a closed casket, you would pick a smaller arrangement. 

When it comes to funerals and flowers, it is also essential to consider whether you are going to place flowers around and outside the casket, as well as the venue. Some individuals like to purchase funeral baskets and bouquets; however, this, of course, is going to depend significantly on one is budget. One may have a large floral budget; however, they are going to have to consider delivery and setup. These are considerations that can be planned with the funeral home, as well as with a florist. 

Popular Funeral Floral Choices

There are many different types of arrangements to choose from that are made explicitly for funerals. As mentioned, it is important to consider your relationship with the deceased because it is going to help dictate the flower of choice

Some common flowers that are purchased for funerals include lilies, chrysanthemum, orchids, and carnations. These are not only popular choices, but they are also low maintenance flowers that can survive through the service and then some. 

Do you know the difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers? When selecting funeral flowers, these floral arrangements go directly to the funeral home or service. They are sent to add “life” to the ceremony. Sympathy flowers are floral arrangements that are sent after the service and are typically sent to the home of the person who has suffered a loss.

If your relationship with the deceased is personal, it is best to send flowers that can be sent on the day or before the service. Typically, these would be standing sprays or casket wreaths. If your relationship with the deceased is more casual, we recommend going with smaller pieces such as bouquets in vases or wreaths. 

When Not to Send Flowers

Thought flowers are a great and genuinely appreciative gesture; it is important to realize it may not always be the case for some cultures and people. For example, those who are of Jewish and Islamic faith, they do not typically receive flowers. In the Buddhist religion, white flowers are associated with mourning, while red flowers are considered very rude. Are you confused as to whether or not to get flowers as a means of showing support? The best thing to do is reach out to the family, friend, or colleague and ask them. It never hurts, and it’s better to do. 

How Do I Place an Order? 

We offer a secure online ordering form through our website. This allows you to place your order and make a payment online. 

Unfortunately, at FloraQueen, we do not accept email or telephone orders. If you have any questions during the ordering process or encounter any issues, you can complete a form with your contact information, and a representative is sure to respond as soon as possible.

Showing Support with FloraQueen

So often we think of flowers as being positive and a way for us to show we care for the receiver; however, they are also great for showing support during hard and difficult times. Sometimes sending flowers is the much-needed support and moral the person who has experienced a loss needs. It is a gesture that speaks loudly. The funeral flower arrangement you pick online does not even have to be elaborate or sophisticated; if anything, the gesture of having thought of them is what they are going to be touched by. Flowers are a great way of reaching out and showing your sympathy and support. 

At FloraQueen, we know exactly how to say what you want through flowers. Our vast selection of funeral flower arrangements and sympathy flowers are as beautiful as they are meaningful. They are sure to genuinely express your care and concern for the person, as well as sympathy. 

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