What to Send Instead of Flowers: Beautiful and Thoughtful Gifts

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In life, there are acquaintances, there are partners, and there are best friends! For those people who are especially dear to your heart, take time to think of a more personal gift that can adequately celebrate your beautiful friendship, your sincere love, or your profound gratitude to your beloved ones.

By giving a personalized gift, you are sharing a real moment of happiness. There are so many good reasons to please those around you. For small or large occasions, show your appreciation for someone with a gift you have created. A present with a photo and a text specially designed for someone dear to you makes every moment an exceptional memory.

Today, in this article, we are going to learn about different thoughtful gifts to offer instead of flowers including:

* Wedding gift ideas

* Birth gift

* Thank you gift ideas

* Mother‘s Day Gift

* Valentine’s Day gift

Wedding Gift Ideas

On your big day, you gave yourself a beautiful wedding dress and an exquisite wedding suit without spending too much money. What about your guests? Don’t they deserve to receive some small gifts too? Your loved ones have traveled miles to be with you and share your happiness.

To do so, get personalized badges or ribbons with the words “best friend,” “golden friend,” “best friends forever,” or any other slogan of your choice. Improvise a small decoration ceremony that is both touching and fun for these beautiful moments.

Distinguish your best friends from the rest of the crowd by giving them an accessory to wear proudly on the wedding day. For the friends, a tie, a bow tie, socks, or a clutch in a color that can remind them of your wedding theme. For the girlfriends, a piece of jewelry, a hair accessory, or even your wedding bouquet in miniature version!

Birth Gift

Welcome the newborn baby with a personalized cushion with his name on it. The baby cushion is not only a fantastic birth gift but also a nice way to celebrate. Indeed, you can personalize this super-soft pillow with all kinds of baby’s birth data.

It could be fascinating to surprise young parents with a baby bedroom cushion! But this soft bag is also a unique decoration in the baby’s room. So we understand if you order this special baby gift for your little one.

All you have to do is choose your favorite design and fill in a few details. The baby’s name, birth time, weight, height, and date of birth are all integrated into the color design. And you’re not only giving parents a pleasant surprise with the beautiful baby cushion, because it can, of course, also be constructive for the child to see the pillow again years later.

<h2>Thank You Gift Ideas</h2>

A photo card draws attention. The idea of sending personalized postcards is excellent, but you don’t have the time to make them yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place! Design these greeting cards with photos easily and quickly. And you can send your card directly to the person of your choice. Incredibly practical, isn’t it?

Send a personalized card as a thank you or just for fun. A photo card is always a good idea. Do you already know who you’re going to surprise?

The luxury greeting card has a beautiful finish, which makes your design even more remarkable. Additionally, you have undoubtedly shared great moments with your best friends over the years. Therefore, gather the most beautiful shots of your friendship and make a lovely personalized photo album with a few comments and other stickers. This is a unique gift to your beloved ones.

Mother’s Day Gift

Create the most beautiful wall clock with your mom’s picture. A beautiful clock with your mother’s photo is a unique surprise for Mother’s Day. This profound personal gift is your way of saying, “I love you” to her. The picture you choose gives a unique character to this wall clock. Would you like to select more than one image? Make a collage! With its heart shape, this photo clock makes your mother melt with pleasure.

In just a few clicks, you have a unique gift for Mother’s Day, made with love and affection. Just choose your favorite design from our gift editor. Then upload your favorite photos of the two of you or the grandchildren. And as a finishing touch, add a small personal message or her first name, and you’re done. The heart-shaped photo wall clock is made of hardboard with a hard coat. Your creation is affixed in high quality, for a perfect result.

Valentine’s Day Gift

Chocolate is beautiful surprise that always makes you happy. Indeed, make people happy with your delicious personalized chocolates with photos. This is an exquisite gift for your Mom, your Valentine, a very proud grandmother, or even your best friend addicted to chocolate! Are you organizing a small party? Create a unique moment by serving these personalized bites. Your guests can be incredibly amazed by this originality of this gift.

These square chocolates are made with delicious milk chocolate. The bites are thick, a real treat for chocolate fans! Thanks to the white top layer, we can print the chocolates in very high quality to bring out your most beautiful picture. We can wrap your chocolates in a pewter gift box in which the chocolates can be nicely arranged. So what are you waiting for? Your chocolates are waiting for you!

Don’t you know what to get your wife for Valentine’s Day? Show her all your love by offering her a heart-shaped pendant engraved with your photo. This is romantic gift idea that she can surely appreciate and remember for the rest of her life. For a woman or a man, discover our wine and spirits section, or an extensive collection of whiskeys, rums, and other great wines to be personalized. Of course, we also offer matching name glasses! Children and teenagers are not to be neglected either.We have something for everyone!

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