The Chrysanthemum Meaning Is Deep and Full of Emotions

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The chrysanthemum’s mythology goes back to the 15th century before Christ with a history rich in stories and symbolism. Called after the Greek prefix “Chrys-”: signifying golden, referring to its original color and “-anthemion”, which means blossom. Many years of artistic growth have led to the emergence of a full-color variety ranging from white to purple to red.

Looking like daisies with a yellow core and an ornamental pompom, chrysanthemum is a symbol of optimism and joy. A flower of those who were born in November and the 13th wedding anniversary, chrysanthemum has also become the official flower of the town of Chicago. In Japan, they even have a “Festival of Happiness” celebrated annually for it. The Japanese consider it a symbol of the sun. They see the correct arrangement of chrysanthemum petals as representing perfection, while Confucius proposed that it should be kept as an item for practice and meditation.

In this article, we are going to talk about the following points:

* What Is the Chrysanthemum Flower?
* How to Plant and Maintain a Chrysanthemum Flower?
* What Is the Meaning of the Chrysanthemum Flower in Asia?
* What Is the Meaning of the Chrysanthemum Flower in Europe?
* The Meaning of the Chrysanthemum Flower by Color.

What Is the Chrysanthemum Flower?

The Greek word for chrysanthemum translates as a “golden flower”. Even in the US, it is used as an ornamental bloom on the funeral, it is worshipped across the globe and is used as an ornamental flower. It is also a symbol of the ancient Japanese emperors that were attracted by this beautiful flower with large varieties. The highest honor in Japan is the Order of Chrysanthemum. It can only be found very exceptionally and exclusively among the most famous personalities, the ones who have given an outstanding legacy to the Japanese people! Moreover, the flower’s symbol can be seen on important government documents such as the passport of a Japanese citizen.

Its arrival to the European territory goes back to the XVIIth century. In 1789, a sailor from Marseille, Pierre Blancard, discovered descriptions of the flower in the Netherlands, where it had been imported from China in the 17th century.

How to Plant and Maintain a Chrysanthemum Flower?

It is best to plant chrysanthemum seeds in the early spring months because even though it only flowers in late autumn or summer, it takes a long time to put down firm roots and is therefore much more resistant to the harsh autumn and winter weather.

Place young plants during springtime in a soil that has been amended and well-drained. Potted chrysanthemums bought in the fall can be directly planted in the soil, in a pot or your garden. You must select a sunny position and give it a wise watering to encourage flowering.

Chrysanthemum needs very little maintenance and attention, apart from watering regularly in the dry season. Eliminate wilted blossoms as you proceed, this helps new blooms to appear. Sprinkle when the ground is dry, especially when using in pots, as chrysanthemums require moist soil to develop well.

What Is the Meaning of the Chrysanthemum Flower in Asia?

Chrysanthemum is worshipped in all Asian lands. It is the supreme sign of health and joy. Native to China, the earliest chrysanthemum selections were made in the 15th century. The significance of the blossoms being different according to the countries, chrysanthemum has a more cheerful symbolism in Asia.

In Japan, it is a symbol of good luck, thanks to the Festival of Happiness dedicated to it. Indeed, it has become the imperial family’s symbol. In China, it represents nobleness and longevity and is presented at births.

The chrysanthemum or “Jiuhua” is the Chinese blossom of the ninth moon or “October Moon.” It represents autumn. Grown in China for over 2500 years, it stands for peace, quiet life, stability, long life.

This bloom is often called “the flower of the recluse” due to Tao Yuan Ming, a poet and hermit. This one declined to salute his superiors in the role of District Chief and retired far from the world, denying honors and riches.

What Is the Meaning of the Chrysanthemum Flower in Europe?

Chrysanthemums are especially colorful and warm in the middle of autumn. According to an old tradition, chrysanthemums are often associated with grief and All Saints’ Day, since they are the most attractive flower of the autumn. New varieties in fresh cut flowers, on the other hand, tend to represent longevity and joy.

In the Netherlands, chrysanthemum represents autumn and it has the special feature of being presented for the 13 anniversary of the marriage. Apart from their natural beauty and appeal, blossoms often carry a message. Think about that the next time you visit the florist!

The Meaning of the Chrysanthemum Flower by Color

In the language of flowers, the chrysanthemum stands for joy, perfection, and timelessness. However, according to its color, you can communicate many other things through it. You should consider this when you offer these flowers.

The pink variety of chrysanthemum stands for the fragility of a love connection. The white express profound pain after a love break-up. The orange symbolizes gentle feelings of love. The blue one means the end of love and the painful break-up. Yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes the rejection of love. The purple version of this flower expresses an unbearable pain at the idea of losing your loved one. Finally, red chrysanthemum is a declaration of passionate love.

The meanings of chrysanthemums are very diverse, and there is a large different significance in every country. However, for many, they represent the most widespread flower of grief. For example, it is usually found at burials as an indication of sadness and sorrow, because chrysanthemums bloomed at the soldiers’ graves during the war. It is the symbolic flower of the All Saints’ Day festivities. They are autumn flowers and can remain until after the first frost. They come in a wide variety of colors to form bouquets for special occasions.

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