Delilah Flower: A Beautiful Bloom to Brighten Your Home

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Delilah is not a specific type of flower, but rather a brand name for a series of cultivars of the dahlia flower. Dahlias are herbaceous perennial plants native to Mexico and Central America, and they are prized for their wide variety of bloom shapes, sizes, and colors. Delilah dahlias are known for their large, double blooms in shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow, and they are a popular choice for cut flower arrangements and garden displays. They prefer well-draining soil, full sun, and regular watering, and they typically bloom from midsummer until the first frost.

Have you heard of the delilah flower? Or, perhaps, you are more familiar with dahlias. The delilah flower is a type of dahlia with large flowers of up to 6 inches. They are popular in any colorful garden and highly recommended as cut flowers to breathe life into your home. Let’s find out more details about:

* What is the delilah flower?
* How to plant delilah flower
* How to care for your delilah
* When and how to make delilah bouquets?
* A few facts about delilah flower

What Is the Delilah Flower?

Delilah flower is a type of dahlia. They are both members of the Asteraceae family, along with other well-known flowers such as daisy, sunflower, zinnia, and chrysanthemum. They can be planted in the spring as brownish, small biennial tubers. The delilah flower is fond of moderate climates with moist soil.

Miss delilah, as it is known, closely resembles the appearance of a water lily. The color varies from pale pink to dark pink bloom, according to the soil in which it grows. They are popular as cut flowers and they last for up to one week in a cold location with cool, fresh water.

How to Plant Delilah Flower

Delilah flower does not thrive in cold climates, so you should plant them when the soil temperature is approximately 60F. If you want a jump start, you can start growing your delilah flower indoors one month before planting them in the garden.

These flowers love full sun and they bloom more when they have access to up to eight hours of sunlight. It is best to choose a location for your delilah flower that benefits from the morning sun but is also protected against the wind. The soil needs to be rich and well-drained with a slightly acidic pH; if the ground is heavy, such as clay, you can mix in aged manure, peat moss, or even sand to loosen it up and improve drainage.

How to Care for Your Delilah

Once you planted your delilah, there is no maintenance required until the plant appears and certainly, no watering is needed; if you do water it, keep in mind that this might lead to root rot. After the plant protrudes from the soil, it needs to be watered two or three times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes. You can use a sprinkler to water the plant. If you live in a very hot climate, prolong the watering time.

Delilah flower is a large, beautiful flower with 6 inches blooms. Because of this, it requires extra attention when it rains, as the water might build up inside the flower and break the petals. Also, it needs to be kept away from the wind because it is fragile.

When and How to Make Delilah Bouquets?

Dalilah flower is gorgeous in a bouquet. They are the perfect flowers to decorate and breathe life into your home; a bonus is that the more you cut your delilah, the more blossoms you can have.

If you want to collect delilah flowers for your bouquet, make sure you cut the stems early in the morning, when the temperature is not very hot. Remove the leaves from the stems and place them in a vase with cool water. Delilah flowers can last up to one week if you check the water daily and you keep them in a cool place.

Here are some more tips about harvesting your delilah flowers:

* Use a pair of scissors to cut the stems horizontally, up to your desired length.
* Make sure you only cut blooms that are open or almost open, because buds can not open anymore if you cut them.
* Try to cut above the leaf nodes and side buds, if possible, because new shoots can grow from this place.
* Once you took your delilah flowers, make a new horizontal cut at the stem and place them in nearly boiling water for up to one hour.
* As for any flower arrangement, make sure you cut all the leaves that are below the water line when you place them in the vase; leaves under the water level release bacteria that shorten flowers’ life.

A Few Facts About Delilah Flower

Dahlia is the name of the entire genus, so when it is used, it refers to all dahlia types, including delilah. Dahlia flowers, when offered as a gift, they symbolize the commitment between two people. Some people consider this flower as a sign of diversity and acceptance because the numerous petals have a flawless fit to the whole head. Considering the pink color of delilah, this flower is often associated with grace and kindness.

A few interesting facts about dahlia flower include:

* It is unknown where the name of the flower originated. The story claims that Carl Linnaeus named the plant after one of his students named Dahl; however, Linnaeus died before the dahlia flower received its name.
* Dahlia flowers were used by Victorians to show their commitment towards another person.
* It is native to Mexico and it is the national flower.
* There is a black dahlia offered to others to warn them against possible betrayals; the color is, in fact, a burgundy shade.
* Dahlias are not only long-lasting and beautiful but also edible. You can eat the petals and the bulbs, but not all varieties are tasty. The taste ranges from a crunchy texture to chestnuts, carrot, spicy apple or even celery root.
* Honeybees love dahlia flowers, so they are great choices for your garden if you want to attract them.

To sum up, delilah flowers are beautiful and make great additions to your garden. They love water and the sun. Thriving in moderate climates, these flowers can brighten up your home, whether you make delilah-only bouquets or you combine them with other flowers. They can last up to seven days when properly cared for. Make sure you offer this beautiful flower to someone you have a strong bond with to show them your appreciation!

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