How to Send Flowers to a Hospital

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Serious, minor, recovering, or end of life – sending flowers to someone at the hospital can make a sometimes scary experience, less terrifying. Flowers are one thing that no matter what the mood, or what emotion you want to convey, they can turn any frown upside down. There can be a few thing that you may need to consider however, before sending someone flowers at the hospital. From considering the hospital’s policies on flowers, to finding the right flower to send – it is important that you don’t break any rules while trying to cheer someone up!

In this post, we are going to cover:

* Why send flowers

* Common flowers to send to someone the hospital

* Sending flowers

Why Send Flowers

Ask any scientist, or even doctor, they are going to tell you that flowers have been proven to promote positivity and change ones mood from negativity and sadness to hope and joy. Not only are flowers known to brighten the mood of someone in the hospital, but it is also a great reminder that they are cared for and that someone wants them to recover.

Some reasons to send flowers to someone in the hospital include:

* End of life – If you have a family member, or know someone who is in palliative or end of life care, sending them flowers can make the journey and process a bit more bearable. It is not always easy to come to terms with the fact that someone we love is in the hospital and that they are just waiting to pass- which is why flowers, especially bright one, can give a glimmer of hope and demonstrate your love for them. Show them they’ve lived a full life and that they are loved with a floral arrangement of their favorite flowers or colors.

* Baby’s birth – Whether you have become a new mom or dad, aunt, or uncle, why not celebrate life with flowers? After the birth sometimes, new moms’ are required to stay a day or two, maybe longer, for recovery. It is in these moments that the recipient is going to be grateful for the flowers.

* Recovery – From day-operations or overnight, depending on the severity of the surgery, it may require some time spent at the hospital recovering. While the rooms may be bland, and if you are lucky, you might get a window room, but if not, some fresh flowers can go a long way. Sending flowers to someone in recovery can make their time at the hospital be a little more positive but also homey. If you have ever stayed overnight at a hospital, sometimes seeing fresh flowers can help make the room feel like a bit of home.

Regardless of the reason or the event that may have caused the person to end up at a hospital, flowers can be an unexpected and thoughtful gift.

Common Flowers to Send to Someone the Hospital

Not too sure what kind of flower to send someone at the hospital? Here are popular flowers and colors that make a great bouquet to send.

* Hydrangeas – These delicate flowers symbolize perseverance and hope. They come in vibrant and subtle colors such as purple and blue. They make a great “get well” flower and can brighten any hospital room.

* Sunflowers – Vibrant and hard to miss, sunflowers can be given as a single flower or as part of a floral arrangement. Simple and elegant, sunflowers would be good for anyone for anyone in palliative care or in recovery.

* Roses – The rose is a flower that typically is associated with love and romance; however, they can also be given as a flower symbolizing recovery, get-well soon, or “I’m thinking of you.” Popular rose colors to give someone include:

* Red

* White

* Pink

* Orange

* Yellow

* Lavender – This aromatic flower is said to have healing powers. It is said that this particular flower can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as act as a sleep aid. This flower is ideal can be helpful for anyone spending time at the hospital.

* Lily – Looking for a flower to give someone who has just given birth? Why not surprise them with a lily bouquet? This elegant flower can be a great way to celebrate life and bring positivity into the room.

Sending Flowers

Before you send those flowers, it is best that you make sure you can bring fresh flowers into the hospital but also to your guest. If you are living overseas and want to show your support to someone at the hospital, give the hospital to call and see what their policies on flowers. Are there certain units that prohibit flowers? Or, maybe the patient can’t have flowers in the room due to a possible reaction to their treatment.

On top of confirming whether you can send flowers to the hospital, remember that your floral bouquet doesn’t have to be over the top or elaborate. Consider a simple bouquet or even a simple get well vase. Depending on where you get flowers, they may offer themed vases and containers that you can pick from – this added and personal touch can enhance your flowers. Remember, the recipient is not going to care how much you spent on the flowers, if anything they are going to appreciate the thought and time you took to send them flowers during this difficult time. Still unsure? Visit a local florist or check online for some floral recommendations.

Even if they are staying at the hospital for a day or longer, flowers can say what sometimes struggle to express but more importantly, it can show that we are there for them no matter what. Sometimes a gesture of giving flowers can be what someone needs to have that boost of energy and hope. The next time you have to send flowers to the hospital, don’t stress. Remember, it’s not what you send, it really is just the thought. Roses, lilies, whatever flower you choose to give, take a deep breath, and trust your instinct.

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